9 Candle Baneful Magick Rite


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Would this ritual in Baneful Magick be an evocation, a thought form creation, or evoking other malevolent thought forms to attack a target?

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it’s an evocation of the most adept degree


Please do write a revised version! It sounds interesting!

I’m confused. What is e.a. saying is an evocation to the most adapt degree?



what’s the premise of using the nine spirits? i’ve noticed that they stem from a number of different traditions and mythologies, so are we capitalising on the universality of the more violent aspects of particular deities irrespective of their varied names? or is it, chaotically speaking, that all godforms exist independent of extinct or extant traditions? the inclusion of pazuzu, for example, strikes me as being incongruent with the goetic spirits included in the working, so i was wondering what the justification for this could be.

also, and on a simpler note, is the use of nine spirits an attempt at employing sheer might against a target? i am a proponent of efficiency over brute strength (for the most part), and i’ve been trying to figure out if the nine spirits employed form a kind of combination lock which operates as a single unit in harmony. if this is not the case, i assume any number of spirits may be called, and not necessarily those listed in WoD for this ritual. hence, the brute force approach without any requirement of a particular unification between the spirits.

just thinking. i haven’t performed the ritual myself as i’d like to understand a little more about it, but even just playing with the fundamentals astrally evokes a very malicious aspect of myself i currently feel unable to contain, let alone direct appropriately. i guess there’s really only one way to find out, but i can honestly say that i’m not looking forward to it.

kind regards, james.



could you give me a page ref. for the working you 're talking about?

kind regards, james.