9 Ancient Spirits


In a recent podcast you talked about 9 demonic kings/ entities that are possibly more than cultural egregores. Entities who are known by different names throughout various civilizations and who are looking to connect with humans to open gateways to this dimension and a new one. You gave the example of Azazel being one them and noted the historical connection of Azazel and Prometheus. I’m curious who the 8 others are? The four gatekeepers from the Lake of Fire Ritual? Belial, Amaymon and Abaddon? I’ve summoned those four but have only worked extensively with Azazel. So I’m not sure of their standing in the 9. The one who I’ve encountered outside of Azazel who seems to have not only a life of her own but ties across many cultures would be Ishtar. These two spirits have played unique roles in my spiritual development as they revealed tthemselves to me before I knew to seek them out by name.

The other two spirits I have worked with who may be nominees are Ba’al Zebub and the dragon Yam Nahor. Both were extremely powerful and the ritual was controlled by their power more so than my will. Just my thoughts and experience. I realize I am nominating my personal favorite imaginary friends/favorite spirits. It is my opinion that the multiverse is conscious and favors consciousness across many dimensions. These dimensions are littered with conscious beings, some know of us and we them and sometimes we interact. I just wanted to get your thoughts on this. Thank you for your time and response.


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