So I found this picture on Instagram, and I wanted to know if you guys can tell me anything about it. Is there anything true?


I personally dont believe we are influenced by “karma”

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I honestly don’t know if I do believe or not, I am still trying to find out :joy::joy:

i am influenced by shawarma


The 9th of September is one of the best days of the wiccan year, from 9th of September till the 1st of october is the time to celebrate the Great God Cernunnos :heart:


What are the characteristics of a saturn retrograde?

I mostly work with saturn rnergies so am interested in this.

Interesting date, I had not thought of that, all those nines 9-9-2019 or 999. The power of 3 x 3 x 3 so that you can prepare for a whole new cycle, it’s time to release the past and begin anew with a powerful start.

However, I am uncertain if numerology which seems combined with astrology can really change or predict your future. There are just to many variables. It could predict a powerful new start with me coincidentally I have just started to cut back on smoking, yesterday was the first day I have cut back to less than half a pack. I had no thought to the date or numbers.

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Yeah, well I’ve been getting suggestions I’m almost certain are coming from Odin wanting me to do things like Drinking from his cup I consecrated on up to finally performing the Eye of Odin initiation ritual in Heathen and then I run into a number that is Nordic divine? I feel like the Babylon 5 crew going through Drakeri Day of the Dead.

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?? What is shawarma??? All I found in the search button was meat :cold_sweat:


its the kebab meat :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Ops that’s awkward :joy::joy::joy:

Shawarma is always a great idea… extra garlic too!
And that’s how you spot an Arab :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It can also be chicken… It’s an Arabic Turkish sandwich


im not arab though im italian lmao

Yes, I bet u don’t have no problem with vampires :joy::joy::joy: they don’t even get close to u LMFAO

Davvero stai dicendo? Di dove?

Now I understand why the Djinn are more common in the middle east… it’s the garlic!


:joy::rofl: I used to use a lot of garlic in my cooking and now my stomach cannot take it anymore , so sad

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