72 Shem And Goetia Challenge

i’m definitely overthinking it, like you said i just need to relax my body & mind. trust that i’m doing it correct. and just to make sure when u chant their name it’s a chant using the inner voice right?

Dude just chant the name. Again your overthinking, stop over spiritualizing, do whatever you need to do, there’s no fixed way

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Activation with Melahel and Aim

When I summoned Melahel he appeared as glowing golden orb and used his staff to shoot my pineal gland with a golden creamy orb, he told me this would activate the Lion energy in me, my pineal gland and solar center and would connect me to a more Horus type energy, it would increase my intuitive and empathic skills

Aim had similar things to say, he told me I would let go of certain habits, but he also told me that I might try the Lion diet which is funny because I’ve been looking into this diet recently because of the benefits it’s had on Joe rogan and Jordan Peterson

They told me to expect over all energetic sensitivity, clarity and solar plexus third eye energy

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Activation with Hahuiah and Naberius

When I summoned Hahuiah I felt some vibrating on the back side of my head, she told me I can expect greater astral cognition, the ability to develop partial possession states, trance states, the ability to have spirits write things through me and lots of clarity

When I summoned Naberius, he told me I’d have a more competitive mindset, and that this would lead me to the understanding there is not competition, and then he merged with Hahuiah, and showed me that there is only competition if you aren’t the master, so I was shown my competitive mindset would only propel me to a place of mastery where I have an overall view that dominates every other, which is what Hahuiah referred to as a lot of clarity and spiritual cognition because once you’re able to tap into that infinite well of energy and omnipresence, there is no more competition

The more I see these responses from spirits I notice they are like pathworkings, every door leads to somewhere, a perfected and mastered aspect of yourself


Towards the end of the activations by the way, I saw a circle of these things that were half light and dark, and they showed me these were the aspects of my mind associated wjth the demons and angels, it was just hovering, some were installed and some weren’t, so these spirits are just as much a part of your subconscious just it they are aspects of the subconscious of god or the macrocosmic universal body

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Activation with Nith-Haiah and Glasya Labolas

Nith-Haiah told me I would start seeing the world much better, I specifically felt pressure on the left hemisphere of my brain, she also told me i would be flying more and come across “spiritual threats”, I didn’t know what this meant and then she told me I could attract astral threats while I begin astral traveling more

She told me to expect to see the world from up top, and how I can be off better service to the earth under the current circumstances

Glasya Labolas told me to take care of specific organs so that if I was getting attacked astrally and spiritually my health was fortified against such attacks that could potentially manifest via the threats Nith-haiah mentioned, he invoked some pain into the areas where I shoul focus and taught me techniques to relieve them of diseases and also astral Magick techniques against astral forces that may attempt such things

Over all it was about fortifying myself so that when I’m in position of influence disease and decay may not enter


Activation with Haaiah and Bune

Haaiah opened the gates of heaven to me and these 2 double helix DNA strands came into my body from the gates.

She told me this were dimensional gates to have the wealths of the heavens, as those streamed from the higher realms into the lower realms she told me to inhale and store the strands into my root chakra and squeeze it in there.

She told me to expect money making opportunities, more creative ideas, an instinctual relationship to business and money, heightened psychic senses etc. it was a pretty green and bluish energy

When I was with bune I woke up in a dragons den full of gold, I was literally showering in gold, to the point my entire body became gold. It was a very green and gold energy, I felt so happy

He told me to expect to “earn” 6 figures a month, and get into music more and that I would be making a lot of money by the time I’m 40, not sure what that entails exactly but it still cool

I felt so happy after that meditation

It was mainly about money but also music, he showed music would bring forth more of that golden energy into my life

That’s it for now​:man_mage:t4: cheers :clinking_glasses:


This challenge keeps surprising me

For those that have been following this thread, for sure remember that I’ve reported things like itching and burning in the brain, base of the skull etc.

My neck upper back and shoulder has literally been on fire for almost 3 days now

It’s been pretty intense, I’m having hard time moving my neck all the day.

In these 3 days I’ve also changed a lot also which is unusual because these things take time to show results, but it has changed me in ways I can’t even fully grasp, if I’ve learned anything. It’s wise to not make any serious life changes until the challenge is over because you’re integrating so many aspects of the whole of your being. Things tend to clear up the more you integrate them. This may actually be the most intense challenge I will ever do, you’re literally integrating the entire qlippoth and tree of life, the 72.000 meridians, the 144.000 chakras in the pineal gland, you’re literally integrating legions of spirits, millions of spirits into your body and mind, I feel like I’m in an incubation chamber, my body is so dormant all day like It’s just tapped out and I know it’s the challenge because I’m constantly facing things that I experience in my visions during the activations, it’s like an echo, processing several activations at once definitely takes a toll lol

And I’ve noticed these are more internal astral experiences because it would take forever to integrate them in real time, which is probably best because some of the shadow work that comes with this stuff at least on my part is excruciatingly painful, keep that in mind before you start this

Use ice to calm the burning nerves, breathwork to keep those channels open and potential journey work to further integrate them

Like ever since my activation with bune I’ve been feeling super rich and prosperous, I’ve also been getting more channels of potential income. So this stuff will align stuff on a macrocosmic level. I’m not gonna like this feels like demonic ascent and angelic ascent jammed into one operation. It brings the aspect you that fell from heaven back into its original nature. So you’re also gonna be able to unlock amazing feats and powers with it


I’m here to report that exercise like weightlifting has helped with the burning snd the pain

After 3 days of pain I worked out yesterday and all of the pain and burning left, this I believe is because when we exercise chi is stored into the body, so if these spirits open up channels and meridians to the brain then it would make sense why there would be burning especially since the goetia are more infernal in nature and tend to climb up from the lower chakras to the brain. So in theory and obviously experimentation for this one time, I report that exercise specifically weight training helps with the physical pain that comes from the activations. I will further experiment with this theory to see if it’s a reoccurring remedy for the neck and back pain after the activations. :pray:t4::man_mage:t4:


Here’s an update from the last activation.

My current business endeavor is asking me to be patient, from my last activation with bune and haaiah, I integrated a lot of new energies into my root chakra, after this activation…

My prostate was swollen for a week and I couldn’t urinate properly, after I took care of that issue I developed internal hemorrhoids… :confused:

They told me I’m trying to go too fast, I tend to operate in the higher chakras a lot. So they told me not to put too much pressure on the root, or expect too much from myself.

I am still healing from this minor setback. It’s been really annoying. But I learned something very important, because I had to rest, I was actually more constructive for my business then I would’ve been if I didn’t take the time to rest.

We live in a world now where everything is so fast people don’t have anything of real value to offer. An example;

I was invited to critique a movie, and it was absolute donkey shit just like the majority of the soulless scripts people write these days, people just wanna sell something for sake of survival, or write something to fill a void, become an influencer because everyone else is doing it, getting into crypto or e-commerce etc.

But it became clear to me that things that have true value take time to marinate in the spirit and mind, it has to slow and a flow like honey.

As I’ve mentioned in this thread before, this challenge activates and integrates higher aspects of the self, the stars in the sky live in harmony with each other, so does nature… it is the ignorance of humans that destroys that balance and perception. So humans then live in a distorted world of their own creation, my point is even though it may seem like there is so much lack in the world, if you take the time to sit with your soul, you will find the inner spark that sets you free, you will find your place where you have all the wealth, prosperity and happiness of the heavens. This is obviously not an overnight process, however if you tap into that bliss from within you’ll align with jobs, opportunities, people, places and situations that eventually lead you to that energy fully embodied, you just have to reprogram yourself to that energy. You have to create and live that reality inside first before anything. You’re basically hypnotizing the universe.

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