72 Shem And Goetia Challenge

with a full evocation you mean to bring the physical form of a being before you right?

i usually just evoke them to the point i feel their presence, hear them and can see some flashes of them or outlines. I probably will first check out the entire pantheon and then look for their chants and seals then continue.

And yeah many beings are rather shady to be honest but with enough caution it should be alright

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yes but it is not necessary

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I dont even know how thats done

That’s really interesting! Can you share where you heard this?

LOL Samuel L. Jackson, the actor who played Mace Windu, chose the colour himself because he wanted something different from the usual that would help his character stand out in the big battle scenes. There was nothing esoteric about it at all.

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It was my observation, they use the same symbolism in the governments, blue represents the democrats and the cult of Osiris while the red represents the Sethians. Geburah and Chesed, the light side of the force(RHP) and Dark side of the force (LHP)

Master Windu uses the purple because he uses both the light and dark side of the force, and that represents Daath

Palpatine represents thamuiel, the duality of God, in the eyes of the republic he seems like a respectable leader while on the shadows he’s malevolent tyrant psychopath. Darth Vader or Daath vader kills windu and falls into the Shadow side through Daath, Master windu in that moment represents the abyss itself, the test, because he anakin couldnt make the jump due to his lack of shadow work and self knowledge he fell through daath and his soul got munched on by choronzon and basically fucked himself over. There’s a lot of symbolism in Star Wars because it is technically real, the Ancient Egyptian Djed Order which is Atlantean and Sirian at its roots and they go against Sethian (Sith) Forces.

There’s occult symbolism in pretty much all fantasy or sci fi movies, you just gotta know what you’re looking at, Ive made similar decodings in movies like harry potter and marvel movies too, its very common

Basically if you want to jump to kether without being sucked into the abyss by your own shadow at daath you have to master all 3 paths, the holy trinity, God has 2 hands, you cant become a god only using one, you have to use both, and remain centered in the middle. That is the key

I pay attention to the symbolism, whether he made that decision consciously or unconsciously is irrelevant, that’s not how the universe works, the point is a message was revealed, a very important one that has ancient history, occult symbolism and human nature as one.

There’s symbolism everywhere already you just have to have the eyes to see. If you always try to rationalize with your left brain or your Saturnian mind, you won’t catch it, the universe communicates in ways that the human cannot understand, it’s is the very fabric itself, whether he knew what he was doing or not is not important

I’ve been having many revelations about my self, the things I’ve recieved from these activations has been massively mind expanding

I’m gonna put this in best way I can

We all have cosmic bodies made of stardust, this is self is not human, it has no face and it’s up in space because it is the cosmic self or higher self, it’s face is made of light

This was perhaps one of my greatest experience with Thaumiel, I became this cosmic self, but I was flesh at the same time, and all I could hear was Satan constantly… I realized I was literally my own adversary, I was both the light and the darkness, and my mind split in a way, i was this cosmic body staring into dark void of space but at the same time I was the darkness that was able to see the light I was shining

I think Thaumiel carries a massive power of becoming one with the external environment and to make the inner and outer Union take place by highlighting the illusion of separation between them

I’ve noticed that the Shem angels are like the evolved versions or future selves of goetic entities

These activations come like echoes, an activation I had months ago is really starting root itself into my life, including it’s revelations and what the entities tried to get across etc.

For example, I started playing the piano and vocal practices, which one of the activations I was told I’d have musical inquiries, and then when I started working with Zepher zeal which is a completely different entity, he showed me that I have a gift for singing and piano

Same with what Leuviah and Sallos told me also, they told me to manifest from my astral temple, and then when I worked with Terra fauna which is again a completely different entity, it was revealed to me and it was directly connected to my astral temple

My point is I think these activations bridge the physical reality with the energy of the higher self which is where the Shem angels operate from, so this healing the cosmic body as well as physical body at the same time

Everything that’s activated inside is also being bridged in the macrocosm, as within so without which can be directed by any force in the universe, like most of these activations become more clear to through my works with the dragons for example, it may vary from person to person

It’s true order out of chaos

I think its helping to create “Gods kingdom” or your kingdom by redirecting the things we perceive to be external back into the inner throne of the soul so darkness now revolves around us and we become the wand, the staff of Hermes that directs that chaos into our will

I think the goal of the great work is to become the macrocosmic, it’s to become the perfected self, the higher self

This entire challenge is the great work according to my UPG but if you see the science of this process it becomes quite clear that this is the great work


This is amazing information, i second it aswell the the activations take their time and are working constantly. They brin a lot of change and i believe when i am done in around 65 days it will even have effects manifest 2 years later and even further in the future.

Welp, here we go: I just started this challenge. Going to give it some time and then create my own thread so I don’t distract from OP’s :stuck_out_tongue:

hi @Alahimavatara so i’ve been running into this thread for some months now and was always interested by the progress and development it seems to bring. i’ve come to a point in life where i feel it’s necessary to start training my subtle bodies/ raising my awareness. i have some questions about this challenge if you don’t mind.

  1. is there any prerequisite skills or experiences that i need to have before starting this path?
    (is it beginner friendly?)
  2. what’s the full step by step practical method you use to get in contact with these entities? does it work every time?
  3. are these activations permanent past your current incarnation?
  4. do you feel any increases in overall health/vitality, lifestyle changes, understanding of the universe, personal sovereignty etc?
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Hi, I’m curious about the use of the term “activation” in the context of this thread. Its evidently not referring to an evocation or similar (or so it appears to me). Is it more akin to an energy attunement? Or something else altogether?

giggles at in joke inherent in the post count when I came across this thread

Well I getting into slight trance is definitely main part of it, but it’s not hard, for me personally I learned it intuitively where I’d just let go of my bodily awareness and my mind at the same time and then I’d start getting visuals and I’d be able to communicate with the spirits, it’s nothing crazy, it takes seconds to get into the trance state but it’s not a full trance

I summon archangels, and then I use an invoking pentagram to first summon the angel and I trace another pentagram with my hand and then I summon the demon, it’s very simple I can do it literally anywhere and it’s worked everytime for me because you have to understand that these spirits are a part of your consciousness so they aren’t beyond you, magick is all in your head, if you believe it won’t work then it won’t

The activations I’m sure are permanent but sometimes they may become dormant like most psychic gifts around childhood, personally I feel like I’m retrieving lost fragments of my soul by doing this challenge and I’ve noticed the changes
quote=“herme, post:111, topic:159740”]
do you feel any increases in overall health/vitality, lifestyle changes, understanding of the universe, personal sovereignty etc?

Definitely, I require more alone time, I stopped eating meat, I have a greater understanding of the angels and the demons, my psychic senses have definitely increased, but I’m also not that into ritual magick as much anymore, because it’s really helping tap into the magick I already have inside

From what i know there are 72 chakras in the pineal gland, and the demons and angels are the star clusters that crystallize the pineal gland, so the spirits are also bodily dimensions and since Lucifer is angel demon hybrid spirit associated with the light of pineal gland and the 33rd principle I’m assuming they’re all aspects of Lucifer, integrating the angels of light helps to tap into the totality of the astral light and more magickal potential but also life in general, I’ve come more close to my core and soul mission through this but it wasn’t direct, I usually ended up working on things with other spirits like dragons but it’s macrocosmic so it doesn’t really matter

The key to the challenge is the great work itself, you’re becoming macrocosmic, asserting yourself over creation, becoming the higher self in a sense

Plenty of rest, magick mushrooms help, lots of meditation, feel your emotions, qigong, yoga, walking meditations, breathwork etc. it’ll be easier, it’s not that different from the Qlippothic and tree of life pathworking a because these spirits correspond to the spheres, so I suppose it’s a slower process, haven’t quite figured that one out yet but it’s possible that it is


I call it activation because it literally is that, the spirit is activating the bodily dimension it’s corresponded too, you don’t even have to “Evoke”, my process is different than full evocation, it involves meditation and a little trance work

Evocation takes too much time in my opinion, it’s not necessary to get it done


Interesting. So looking at the description of the process you’ve given above, you don’t involve sigils or enns etc. So when you get to the summoning stage after the second pentagram, do you just call them in by name?

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thank you for the quick responses, i will begin this work as soon as i can. i have never summoned archangels before so i’ll have to get my feet wet in that department. before this i was more focused in the realm of qigong and breathwork.

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Yes and sometimes I’ll say the number of the demon or angels “ 20th angel of the shemhamephorash” etc. but the name will suffice, I personally do it in a way where I’m summoning for the aspect of myself that is that spirit so I assume god consciousness while summoning, and when you invoke through the pentagram you’re creating the entity from the quantum realm as you’re summoning it, because you’re bringing it into existence from the divine light which is where everything came from, so no imposter spirits can enter because you’re summoning directly from the source but you also have to know that’s what you’re doing because it’s not beyond your consciousness


Qigong and breathwork will get you results, actually before I started this challenge years ago I was shown by the dragons that qigong and breathwork is the key

The microcosmic orbit will help with this process because the the loop represents the ouroboros/Draconic Luciferian consciousness

Meaning the descending the light going to the genitals are the angels which is the Yang current and the ascending current which is the serpent and yin is the demonic current

And I was shown you become a dragon when you master the two channels, your will becomes extremely sharp and gravity no longer has an affect on you, you become superhuman basically and magick becomes completely mental, you don’t need no tools or anything, which is what the dragons always encourage, magick without tools hence why meditation and energywork is the foundation for all magick, the more you meditate the more you will advance, doing things like evocations are cool and all but it won’t tap you into your full supernatural powers because it’s still partially externalizing your magickal potential

You can practice magick the traditional human way or you can practice it from a superhuman standpoint, there is no time, peoples consciousness and their observation of what magick is, is from different eras because their consciousness is in a different time space matrix, the faster you vibrate the more you will access supernatural type magick that’s more energy based

I’d say qigong, meditation, breathwork and yoga should be the foundation

Evocation should be like side hustle type thing, like I can do everything the average Magus can do without all the tools because reality itself is mental and it’s foundation is energy, there’s no need to externalize anything so working directly with your energy is the best path from my point of view

Don’t get me wrong though I still think it’s fun to bring a spirit into physicality lol, but at some point you realize you could be doing more and then you eventually just focus on energy, just like the qigong and Taoist masters have been for thousands of years, they decided stop externalizing their powers and started working directly with the energies internally, and they can do crazy shit like light things on fire and move objects, cure diseases etc. there’s so much more that we don’t know because their higher teachings are hidden and private because of its power, but I was able to tap into it due to my lineage, that’s how I knew about this challenge, the connection between the angels and demons, Lucifer and the dragons among other things but it’s a very hidden teaching because of it holds great power, it’s the great work itself


@Alahimavatara upon more research and some understanding i’ve come back with a few more questions if that’s ok. earlier in the thread you explained that when you are summoning these spirits you chant their name in the astral, how exactly does one go about doing that? my 2nd question is does the order & correspondence in which you summon the spirits matter? like do you have to summon marbas and archangel michael together? my final question is how long should one session take?

There is no such thing as having to do this or that.

You don’t have to summon any entity with another one

Chanting the name in the astral for me is fairly simple, imagine you’re in a fast colorful space, know that you already have a connection in the astral plane, and as you chant it know that the entity heart as if you would shout someone’s name

You’re overthinking it, summoning and working with spirits is VERY easy, you just have to stop letting your own mental blocks from getting in the way, if you want success you have to be kinda mellow

I can’t say how long it would take personally for me It takes around 5 for a pair of spirits because I meditate and communicate with them but that requires trancework which honestly isn’t hard either , you just let go of the mind and the body and you’ll tap into the spirit and get visuals, that’s at least what happened with me