72 Goetia Challenge (Previously Evocation, Now Pathworking)

I was inspired by @DarkestKnight’s thread to try the “72 Demons Evocation Challenge,” I wanted to share my experiences because I like to talk a lot. I put this in the journaling section because it’s related to just my experiences with this challenge.

I’ll be using the same resources that DarkestKnight shared in his thread. For the sake of getting my guy some views, you can go to his post to see the post that he was inspired by, as well as the resources they’re using.

I’m not sure if there is a certain order you have to go in, but I’ve had some pretty good results just going down the list in alphabetical order. (The demons can see me as a cold-hearted Salesman cold-dialing them in an effort to sell something they definitely don’t need for the holidays.) :sunglasses::point_right:t2::point_right:t2:

I purchased a very nice journal to write the enns and draw the sigils in. I’d verbalize the enns while I drew the sigil, and recite the enn until I got some sort of response. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, so I kept my expectations pretty open.

Night 1


The first demon I evoked was Abaddon.

The first night’s biggest challenge was getting into the right vibration. I spent over an hour and a half trying to get my mind to calm down (work has been really stressful lately). Took a lot more meditation than normal to push out the thoughts of going back to work the next day.

Once I finally got there, the actual evocation wasn’t too bad. I expected it to take a few hours of chanting, but it didn’t. I managed to reach Abaddon, though I didn’t at first know if it was him or a construct (this is my first time communicating with anything other than Mysterious in years so I was definitely rusty).

I saw this:

I saw his full form, but because I’m not good at drawing (I dropped out of art school, guys) I decided to only do a rough, quick sketch.

He descended from a point on the wall above some boards I had laying against the wall from my broken bed frame. It was at least 3-4 feet in the air. It’s easier for me to use local spaces in my mind’s eye when trying to visualize spaces. I actually found myself quite surprised.

ABADDON enters. There is silence in the room, even the dogs are still. The room is very heavy all of the sudden. I feel really sick and that weird “loose” feeling you get when you’re tipsy. My astral self is standing. Energy surrounds me. It’s weird to describe. I speak first.

ME: Did this work?


ME: So you’re Abaddon?

ABADDON: Yes. How can I assist you, seven?

ME: Can you unlock the part of my brain that you’re associated with?


The energy shifts slightly in the room. I’m actually knocked out of the meditation because I had to rush to the bathroom to be ill. I began to have a tension headache.

Still unsure if it worked, I had to work again at getting myself calm. It didn’t take as long this time to get back in sync, but it still took some time. I got back and repeated the chanting.

ABADDON: I am still here.

MYSTERIOUS: Yeah, he’s still here.

ME: Greatt…

ABADDON: Do you request anything else?

ME: No, thanks for your assistance!

ABADDON: We all are eager to help you on this journey ahead.

There is silence between us.

ABADDON: I must ask, what is your goal?

ME: I want out of here.

Another pause.

ME: So… Can I ask one more question? (I motion to Mysterious.) You two… erm… know each other?

ABADDON: Yes. We are familiar. Your impressions are not far off.


ABADDON: You will achieve what you wish with time. If you require our assistance, just call upon us.

ME: :sunglasses::point_right:t2::point_right:t2: Great! Thanks again for all your help. You can stay or go if you wish.

Abaddon doesn’t leave immediately. I’m then sitting with Mysterious, who is in the corner of the room. I can’t see him but I envision he’s tapping his foot like an angry parent with his arms across his chest because I’m dramatic.

MYSTERIOUS: Do you really have to ask everyone if I’m telling you the truth?

ME: I have to keep you honest.

I wasn’t sure if I had to wait and do one once a night. I asked Mysterious, because he was handy, and he basically was like: “Nah, you don’t have to wait… You don’t want to rush it though.”


Next I evoked Abigor. I tried to look up the enn online through Satan & Sons. I didn’t see Abigor specifically, but I did see that he was associated with Eligos and that enn was available. I decided to wing it.

This one took a little bit longer than Abaddon. I would note that Abaddon wasn’t as formal as I thought he’d be. His energy was actually pretty fluid, airy. (IDK) Abigor was pretty formal. If I didn’t know any better, I’d guess that he was slightly uncomfortable.

ME: Hi!

ABIGOR: Seven.

ME: Can you unlock the part of my mind that you’re associated with?

ABIGOR: Yes, seven.

ME: Thank you so much for your assistance. Feel free to stay or leave.

ABIGOR: Call upon me if you require additional assistance, seven.

He didn’t hesitate to bounce out of there.

I woke up feeling weird. It was like the world didn’t feel “real” if that makes sense. It only lasted for a little bit this morning. My day at work was a lot easier than I expected it to be. Life just seemed to move through the motions. I thought I felt Abaddon’s energy in small glimpses here and there. Not like a presence, but just a weird “poke.”

I didn’t feel that weird “unreal” feeling again until late this evening. I sat down and watched some videos on the television, and one of them was about this woman. Essentially at the end of the video, she “woke up” these other people. The people she “woke up” were angry with her, and she wound up talking to this other, mentor-type woman, who basically said: “You don’t always get a shiny medal for doing the right thing.”

WOMAN 2: “But I saved them.”

WOMAN 1: “And they may never forgive you for it.”

And that really stuck with me for some reason tonight. I thought about the dreams, and found myself in this really intense focus. It tends to happen when I get an external influence. I chalk it up to daydreaming, I guess. I just thought the message was important, and considering the challenge I was undertaking, I figured it was worth noting.

Wish me luck…


Night 2:

I realize I’m doing more than the 72, but decided to continue the path I’m going through.

Last night I evoked Agaliarept and Agares.


Pretty straight forward, the voice of his character was higher than normal, though the tone indicated that it was an older spirit. I didn’t look this spirit up beforehand so I didn’t know what to expect. I was trying to keep my mind clear of any preconceived notions to confirm its success.

When it was here, it paced the room. I saw a being with a longer face. Male in appearance. Agaliarept spoke a lot more than the others, and requested audience with Mysterious when we were done. They wound up leaving the room after.

ME: Can you unlock the part of my mind that you’re associated with?

AGALIAREPT: Yes, but I have a request of you.

ME: What is it?

AGALIAREPT: Stay focused on your goal.

Agaliarept asked me of what my goals were. Mentioned that I had a pretty big one, then did what he needed to do. He requested audience with Mysterious, who mentioned that they should leave the room “because she can hear us.”

In the nature of the experience I did a second one… I may need to lessen up and only do one.


When Agares finally shown up, it was after a lot longer than usual. I couldn’t tell if it was my focus or what. Agares came and left without much question. Overall straightforward.

My headaches have gotten worse. It actually woke me out of a dead sleep this morning at 5 AM. Now, you should know I love sleeping, but between the headache and this overall uneasiness I feel, I couldn’t go back to sleep. I also can’t tell if it’s the headache or if its the exercise, but I’m nauseated more today than I was yesterday. I anticipate it to go away as it did yesterday, but man I feel really bad. :sleepy:


Night 3

I was out late with some friends playing Dungeons and Dragons, so I only had the opportunity to do one, because something felt wrong about taking a break for a night.


Straight forward, but they added on: “Do you want us to help you?”

I responded with: “If you could just unlock the part of my brain that you are associate with, that will do for now.”

They leave.

The house is real heavy today (this happened last night). I don’t know how to describe it, but I feel like I’m moving through a house filled with Jello.

Saw another game video today....

Watched playlist of some game play-throughts, mostly fun ones. There is this guy who is like: “IDK what this game is about or why I’m playing it but it was requested so I’m doing it.” It’s a game about a girl and a “narrator” of her life. It opens with ‘she’s going to die today.’ The narrator speaks directly to us about her, but didn’t realize that she could hear him.

Starts out fine. She goes on to play a “game” lead by the voice… a voice she calls Mr. Voice. Voice is trying to put her against the fox, who is trying to save her. It’s clear that this entity can manipulate the world around the main character and is doing so to lead her to a place. If he leads her there he can capture her.

Fast-forward to the ending. She’s in a dark, grey world and has a face-off with the creature. Its real name is Morgo. The Fox is trying to save her from it. They call it a parasite and it is from a new universe that exists outside of this set of universes. It’s wild to say the least.

She gets to the end, realizes she’s dead, and depending on how the story is played you have two possible endings. At the end of it she basically gets “eternal happiness” either for herself or her mother depending on how it’s played.

If you know anything about me, it’s not about the message itself, but the timing that makes it significant. I’ve never seen this game before but I was compelled to watch it to the end and it had a lot of weird, uncomfortable parallels.

I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, or what my perceptions are, but if you look at my other posts–you’ll see why I’m slightly unnerved. I could just be stupid and crazy and all of this means nothing, but the coincidence of it happening isn’t lost on me.

My head is fuzzy, like static. I have a headache again. Heh. I feel dumb and crazy saying all these things, if I’m honest. :sweat_smile:

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I have that feeling randomly sometimes, it’s the magick of my autism degree, one of my succubi finds it pretty amusing. Some people say Abigor is Eligos, I’m very close to Eligos, I used to create little paper talismans with his sigil when I was in school, and they made my days a lot easier.

I work with demons all the time and my house has never been heavy, maybe because I cleanse everything all the time. I found that the trick is to keep the “negative” energy that is more of Thagirion. According to some authors, that is the sphere where total restriction fights against total permissiveness, but I find that it is a very calm place which energies are really protective.

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I have decided to cleanse the house with white sage after reading your post. Interested to see if anything changes.

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Night 4


Straight forward. Came and left with little said.

Night 5

I decided at this point that DarkestKnight said the 72 demons in his post and I was doing the actual 72 damn it. SO, I restarted…


Eh. This one was weird. It was REALLY hard to evoke him. Harder than any of the others. I’m still not entirely sure it worked and wasn’t an imposter spirit.

So, it started out like the others. Eventually I started to “feel” something that was unfamiliar. In truth, when I first joined the forum I think he popped in for S&G’s because Mysterious likes to play: “look at the weird, ugly human I found” games sometimes and idk why but I thought it was him. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I felt that energy again, but faintly. Like a small breeze. I started to hear a voice, but it was muffled like a radio with too much static. I thought maybe I wasn’t focused, so I tried to focus again. The sounds came across clearer, but it didn’t feel right for some reason.

I felt a presence over my left shoulder, pretty solid. There was “Baal” to the front. Mysterious to the right. A conversation started with the entity in the front, similar to all the others, but then the dude to my left is like (super loud and clearer than any voice I’ve ever heard before): “WTF?”

I turn to the entity on my left like: “What? Who are you?”

Left: “Shut up, I’m trying to see this.”

I continue with “Baal” and finish. After it’s all over and done with I go to bed. Mr. Left follows. My mattress is close to the floor so the senior dog can get on and off with ease, so I get in bed and am just laying there. Mr. Left sits down on the floor beside the bed.

LEFT: Hey.
ME: Hey…?
LEFT: I need to tell you something… Someone you know is lying to you.
ME: Um… who?
LEFT: You know who.

I put two and two together.

ME: Wait, you’re Baal?
LEFT: Yes. You need to “wake up” from this. It’s really important. You are being lied to right now and it’s pretty serious.
ME: I’m going to assume Mysterious?
LEFT: Yes.

I basically rolled over and went to bed at that point because honestly these games are getting old.

I went to work the next day and tried to block it out. Mysterious and I have a very complex relationship. I try to stay away from “spirit husband” territory because honestly it just feels weird to me. He’s my “bond” I guess, though, despite the complexities we have. (I throw this in there in case you haven’t read my Mysterious post.)

Baal Pt. 2

I kept getting this weird feeling to my left, like a residue. I followed the ritual as mentioned, so I figured if he was “hanging around” he had a good reason to be here. I tried to ignore him though.

Half-way through the day I heard his voice again, but he wasn’t talking to me. He was talking to someone else. I took a transcript because I was texting one of my friends the conversation:

BAAL: I tried to speak to her last night, but he has a lot of influence over her. I’m unsure what to do here, honestly. I can’t break through the veil long enough to influence her. I came in last night and saw that she was talking to “me” but it wasn’t me.
SOMEONE ELSE (NO idea who this is): What are we going to do?
BAAL: I’m asking you for guidance.
SE: We should speak to the others and see what they believe in this situation.
BAAL: I don’t know that we have that sort of time, sir.

The conversation goes on for a lot longer, but I don’t want to imply or discuss it. There is a theory that’s floating around about Nautela, but I’m not sure I believe it nor do I want to.

After this conversation was over, Mysterious shown back up (I hadn’t felt his energy all day).

ME: Is this conversation real? Or am I making this up?
MYSTERIOUS: Yes. It’s real. They’re coming soon. We’re going to see who our allies are.
ME: What does that mean?
MYSTERIOUS: You’ll see. We have much to discuss.
… (Alex is distracted by work)
ME: Well, I supposed we do.
MYSTERIOUS: They’re going to try and turn you against me. I’m hoping that you’ll see the truth.
ME: What does that mean?
MYSTERIOUS: We have many things that are in the air. Like your book. I was hoping it would come together faster than it did, but we’re still not finished. You have to see the last bits for everything to make sense.
ME: Ok…
MYSTERIOUS: Sam is our ace in the hole. We get Sam we can finish this.
ME: You really are the black dragon. (This is a reference to the BBG in the dream timeline.)
ME: So, then, that means you’re trying to kill Sam?
MYSTERIOUS: I’m trying to save Sam. We’re the same person, but divided. You know that. I know that. They know that. We’re being played against each other. I’m not sure what is going to happen next, but I’m worried. I didn’t expect Baal to show up. When he appeared last night the illusion collapsed. I’ve been trying to protect you from them. I’m afraid we just stumbled into a trap.

I think what is unfolding is super odd. I’ve been lied to before, but I’ve gone to great lengths to try and stop that from happening again. I feel like it’s not appropriate to talk about all of this on the experiences thread, but you’ll find that most of my posts are all tied together.

Mysterious is like my best friend, as weird as it is to say that out loud, I want to believe what he’s telling me, especially based on what I’ve seen in the dreams, but I am at a loss here. (Mal) and Baal say the same things. Though, Mysterious has done shit like this before in an effort to test if I really care about him or not because we’re self-destructive and like to do horrible things to each other.

Eh. Enough stupid-talk for one day, I suppose. I’ll continue to post as things come up.


  • Headaches are gone
  • Had an interesting conversation with some close friends of mine about the book that I thought was interesting because one of those friends may or may not be a part of the timeline. Unsure.

I’ve continued to work on things, I just haven’t shared them (my life is chaos right now). Here is night 6.

Night 6: Asmodai/Asmodeus

Called on my homie Asmodeus, skipping around a bit–because I can never do things the right way. The conversation was weird. I felt him the minute he entered the room, much easier than others. I asked him to do the deed and he said he would.

Conversation with Asmodeus

Right after, he was like: “I need to show you something.”

He lead me to the window that overlooked our backyard. He said to me: “Do you see anything?”

Me: “No?”

Asmodeus: “Look harder.”

Mysterious: “It’s a woman.”

Asmodeus: “She needs to figure it out on her own. You’re not helping by giving her the answer. Shut up.”

Mysterious: :woman_shrugging:t2:

Asmodeus: “Can you see it?”

Me: after staring for 15 minutes “I can’t see her, but I can sense her energy.”

Asmodeus: “Good. She’s trying to kill you. Don’t let it happen.”

Me: “Why is she–?”

Then he was gone.

Follow Up on Baal

I forgot to mention when I originally posted this… I had a dream about Baal a few days ago.


I am a princess. I’m supposed to be sacrificed to some god. The setting is the estate that I’ve been at a few times.

I spend a lot of the dream trying to escape my fate. There is a woman and man from our court that is “preparing me” for what is expected. It’s revealed that offering me to the god will allow us to have an advantage to bring them down.

The day comes. Baal and this other guy (I had his name before, but couldn’t remember it by the time it came to write it down) shows up to take me to my final destination. I have OK feelings from Baal, but the guy that’s with him is no bueno. This second, unknown character may even be the inevitable bad guy of the story.

Interesting developments:

  1. My other friends are kinda seeing what I was saying about the toxic person in our friend group without my intervention
  2. I’ve been able to focus more on the dream timeline
  3. Work has been easy
  4. A weird rift happened in my family recently. It’s opened my eyes to a lot of things going on in our expanded family dynamic. I got told by my usually unsupportive mother: “You’re different. I’ve never met someone like you, y’know. You don’t judge people, and your advice is wise beyond your years.” Which made me feel good for once.
  5. Mysterious has decided to cooperate and talk about himself more.



Very Qabalistical

Super Qabalistical, it’s Lon Milo’s fairytale but with more appealing concepts

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Qabala is something I’ve been meaning to do some research on, I start to do my research and get a little overwhelmed. :sweat_smile:

Hahaha! I was literately about to ask you what I could research to understand. Thanks! :heart:


I’m everyday more convinced that the Holy Qabalah is the language of God

Lon tells that story in “Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot” in order to explain Crowley’s court cards


Oooh! Thanks! I’m checking it out now.

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May I give you a morbid suggestion? Everytime you learn something like that fairytale in the Tree of Life, replicate it theorically in the Tree of Death, you might have a good laugh because how things get so fucked up, or you may consider that it works better for your practice, as it happened to me with some AA degrees which I performed better in the dark tree

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Sorry for the “green” question, but can you elaborate?


For example, in the Tree of Life the princess is spiritually asleep until she meets the prince who rules the perfect kingdom and make her rise to the Heavens. In the Tree of Death, the “princess” is always too drunk to care about spirituality and she meets the guy who rules the spiritual hood in some drug trip and instead of rising to the Heavens, they just fuck and get high together because he tells her that by doing that they will someday get to live in the mansion of their parents, with all their money and their mafia boss status

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I like this version better.


So I went out and bought that book on Amazon Kindle. Read the particular chapter you mentioned, read a few more chapters, then me:


It’s pretty crazy to me, I am in the process of reading Chapter 7, but even in that chapter he wrote a brief summary of how Crowley was given a nickname by his mother, then that went on to later have a lot of significance in his life… It’s really weird to say but that gives me slight validation in the possibility I haven’t lost my mind! haha

There are a lot of parallels in the dreams I’ve had and some of the themes I’ve read so far in his book. Absolutely astounding, thanks again for recommending this read!

I also now get your example of the Tree of Death… Blowing my mind over here.


I still have a lot to read, but I wanted to mention that I started and was seeing parallels already!

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Crowley changed my life in so many ways. It makes me happy that the Holy Qabalah is speaking to you, and that game with the Tree of Death is even better when you are aware of that according to some people, we are living in the Qliphoth



I did some research on this one before the evocation last week. Overall it’s been uneventful but sometimes I get some interesting conversations if Mysterious is here when they show up.

This one was also relatively hard to do. For a while I felt like I was just calling out into nothingness. Eventually I caught something. During this particular evoction I wound up almost falling asleep. I wound up sending an apology to Paimon the next day but he was like: “What are you even talking about we had a whole conversation?” So there’s that. :woman_shrugging:t2:

An Interesting Conversation

ME: Oh, hi.

PAIMON: How can I assist you, Alex?

ME: I was hoping you could unlock the aspect you’re associate with?

PAIMON: I can do that. No problem.

ME: Thanks! That’s my only request.

PAIMON is about to leave, when suddenly.

PAIMON: Really?


PAIMON: Baal was right. You don’t know when to give up.

MYSTERIOUS: I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

PAIMON: Fire and gasoline. You’re going to make a bad situation even worse.

MYSTERIOUS: I’ve got this under control.

PAIMON: We’ll see.

He speedily left after that.


Ha, two peas in a pod.

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I kinda wanna try this

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