72 Challenge Redux: Angels AND Demons

Angel #6 Lelahel

Same set up as previous.

After invoking Omnipotence I spoke the angelic banishing incantation, followed by the incantation to conjure an angel, while tracing the seal in the air in white light.

Lelahel was quick to arrive. In my mind’s eye I saw him with dark hair, and golden armour.

I welcomed him and asked him to open the aspect of my mind.

“So you continue. Good.” He then took his sword and inserted it into my Ajna, turning it like a key. My skull felt…heavy, for a a few moments. “It is done.”

“Thank you, Lelahel. What may I expect?”

“Heaven and Hell. Power and Knowledge.”

I thanked him again and bade him to stay or go as he will.


I knew I was not the one only that was hoping you continued.


I’ve been considering doing the foil to my Goetic operation with the 72 of the Shemhamphorash after I finish the Goetics.

This just makes me want to do it more.


Demon #6 Valefor

This evocation was a bit rushed. I did no Invocation of Omnipotence, no banishing, and I was under the influence of alcohol.

I stood in my UC, and traced the seal in the air, visualising it as blazing white light, while chanting the Incantation to Summon Forth.

Valefor came quickly and seemed a bit eager. Maybe too eager.

I welcomed him and asked him to open the aspect of my mind. He agreed, but asked me to steal something for him in return. Then he laughed.

I declined the invitation to thievery.

He put his head against mine for a moment and then pronounced, “It is done.”

I thanked him and asked what to expect.

“The fullness of Being.”

Um…okay. Whatever that means.

I thanked him and bade him to stay or go as he wished.


Badass man! I love the ShemHaMephorash Angels as well as the Goetia.

I would hear more of this journey. Subscribed


Do you mind if I ask what he asked you to steal?

From the appearance of the angel and what happened with the mix-up, do you think that by doing that you inadvertently caused 2 energies to combine? Almost like a meta-angel?

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In the Goetia, it states that Valefor will tempt the magician to steal. I think it was a bit of humour on his part though. It did make me laugh.


Lol, so he didn’t actually say, he was just like, “Yeah, I want you to steal something for me…” & you were like, “Nope!” Lol.


20-30 was a jump, 40 plus was as well

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Think of yin and yang. One half isn’t complete without the other.

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I’m following your journey - as I’ve read the one you mentioned in the description! I hope you don’t quit.
Are you feeling any effects so far?
I’m planning to do or something like this when I have more experience.


Been sometime, whats the word?



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Did you finish? I am getting ready to try this and am searching the board for others who have done it. I want to do an angel and demon a week and do the evocations for 6 days of the week. 3 for one and 3 for the other, alternating. My concern is the length of time it would take. I am using it as a form of self initiation. Do you have any advice before I start?

No, I did not finish because life got in the way. I will get back to it though.


I decided to try this after reading your thread. Debated on it for a while, wound up deciding to take the plunge. Thanks for sharing all the links and your experience. Super helpful as always. :heart: :sunglasses::point_right:t2::point_right:t2:


@DarkestKnight when will you get back to this? If you have is it on another thread or? This was really interesting and one learnt alot from the previous evocations you did and what was being said.

How synchronous that you ask this, when I’ve been debating doing just that :thinking:


hehe. well there’s your answer lol