72 arc goetia

Im a new in this “thing” i want to ask about the best demon to invoke in the first time

What do U mean by ‘best’ here? Every demon is best. You should make a choice.

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The best in Science, i mean in here the greatest in thinking

Ronove is quite wise. King Paimon is excellent as well. He understands the human condition.

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Step 1: Decide what exactly you want.
Step 2: Open the Goetia and find a Demon that fits the description.
Step 3: Invoke/Evoke/Whatever.

There’s no “best Demon”, what are they to compare them? Cars?


Thank you for the advice

@Anassa…LOL, that was a bit snarky.

I’m sorry if you got it the wrong way, but we shouldn’t underestimate the 72, they are all powerful and there’s no “better” or “worst”. We have a long history in this forum with people asking what Demon is the strongest because they want to work with that one, no matter who he/she is, if he/she has anything to do with their personal greater benefit and if they can handle their power, just because its “cool”. As snarky as it sounds, what I described is the best way to approach it.

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Ya i get the point my friend, that is my fault for not say the specific about what i search

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