72 angels of magick

So I was wondering I want to work with these beings separate from the book what i mean is summoning them individually by themselves without the rituals from the book my Question here is do I need to call on Arzel then Raziel to connect me to the angels for me to be able to summon one them or I would I just summon them using their Psalm and sigil from the Book

You can call them with just the song and seal, yes.

But you don’t need us to tell you what you can and can’t make happen, don’t believe anything you read until you have experienced it for yourself… go ahead and try it and find out. :slight_smile:


Okay thank you I will

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56 Poiel just use the name!
For the fulfillment of one’s request. Governs renown, fortune and philosophy. Well esteemed by everyone for his modesty and agreeable humor.

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Is there a particular reason why you don’t want to use the system as laid out in the book?


I dont know

yesterday I tried the ritual to Change Careers with the angel sitael And I got something telling me to summon him directly outside of the ritual i also I wish to do the 72 angels of magick and 72 deamon of the Goetia challenge which for some reason seens interesting to me and entertaining

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I’m not looking for any of that I just wanted to know if I could just summon them without arzel and raziel being involve

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o ok just repeat the angels name’s over and over in trance that should do it.

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Awesome thank you I’ll give it a try

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