7 day challenge ritual challenge

I have just come up with a crazy and somewhat fun challenge. I challenge all on here to perform a ritual everyday, which I will also particpate in. On day 1 perform a ritual of any you choose. Day two x 2 rituals, Day three x 3 rituals right up to day 7 where you perform 7 rituals in one day. Journal the 7 days of the challenge and at the end of the week we could possibly discuss each persons experiences. Like I said it can be anything from simple spells to full blown evocations. I will leave that up to you to choose your rituals. See this as a form of shocking your system like you would do when working out. What are your thoughts on this?


When I was a child, I though that energy in magick would be like the energy in Dragon Ball Z, but later I found that it was more like Beat Angel Escalayer (thanks Crowley). I would like to participate, since I would like to share how ABRAHADABRA can work in a practical way and how things can be more simple than people usually think they are

There is a saying…“there is an easy way to do things and an hard way to do things” or my particular favourite is “less is more.” I did 5 rituals on Walspurgisnact and that give me an idea for this challenge. It is also good to aee how far you can push yourself and find your strenghts and weaknesses.


I totally forgot about Walpurgisnacht. I had everything planned and I forgot it, but I may create my own holiday to compensate, just like Spongebob created the day of Leif Erikson

Well this 7 day ritual challenge can make up for it. Lol

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But it is not a Bible Black reference :c I’ll write the rituals in my journal c: nobody reads my journal, so it won’t serve as advertisement for your actually great idea, I hope more people join nonetheless

Hey that’s fine by me. I don’t want to know details only how you felt after the challenge

Does each participant perform the same 28 rituals or is everybody just gonna do whatever they want?
I am not sure I understand the set up.

The rituals you perform are up to you. You can use any kind of magick, you have full magick licence. I am just interested in how people will feel after the full week. I am using this challenge as a way to test my magickal stamina and endurance if that makes sense

huh sounds interesting, i took a break for a few weeks and this sounds like a great way to get back to practice

Are you starting today? I would love to join. I feel like this would be a great way to boost experience.

I am starting on Monday (tomorrow). I already do a morning ritual and an evening ritual but I won’t count those…I will add a new ritual each day which I haven’t practiced as of yet. You can do the same if you wish, but what rituals you perform is up to you

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I will definitely be giving this a try!

I did the ‘Rite for Motivation and a Change in Mindset’ from V.K. Jehannum’s website for Monday - it’s a ritual you have to repeat for 5 days, so I’ll do it until Friday I guess :smile: I have a new tarot deck which I haven’t consecrated, I’ll do that for the second ritual!

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