6&7 book of Moses

Hello there,
Has anyone had an encounter with the Angels in the 6&7 book of Moses?

  1. Can you share your experience with them
  2. What are their characteristics
  3. The best methods that works with them to be summoned

I have gone through the book and have seen that contacting them seem very difficult more than the Goetia demons.

Can anyone elaborate more on that?
@DarkestKnight my greetings

I can only recommend this great free version



Thanks for your effort. I already have the book but need anyone who has worked it for sometime with success to lay down possible methods that actually works

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Same as all of them? You use the sigils as portals to the world beyond.

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Thanks @Jackie what this book says in brief pls?

How do you define success? Is scrying an entity a success to you?

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But have you seen any person success with it @Jackie, sorry for my poor english

What I can say now is that the angels seem to be a no nonsense type but that attribute might be to all right?

@luxfero might have experience(s)

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Read up here on opening sigils and evocation.
On the web site above there are a ton of grimoires to check, find what resonates with you and try it out.
Read Benjamin Rowe’s “Short course in scrying”, Bardon’s IIH and PME and all of Donald Tyson’s works for they are great. And research posts here there are many hints and ideas here. Use the search function frequently.

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Is scrying an entity not success or can’t be termed as success?

You mean they are no nonsense than the demons? I think everything spirit is a no nonsense one since rules or agreements has to be preserved or observed

That’s not what I meant. I never used this grimoire but it should work like any other evocation.

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It’s a standard planetary grimoire like Heptameron, Juratus, Arbatel etc