5 Stages of Astral Projection

-These are not concrete stages, just stages that spirits and/or I have come up with. Some stages may be skipped depending on the person natural talents or outside influences.

These are the stages that I’ve encountered while I’ve been learning to astral project. Once you have learned to astral project, the process of consistently do exactly what you want to do while you’re there can be difficult. I struggled with constantly finding myself in realms or places that the entities were hostile and/or ending up in places that I didn’t want to be. This is just my stage scale of how far you’ve gotten and the recommended next step to take.

To sum it up this is my “self-grading scale” for where you are at and the step you should take. This is not a tutorial just my “grading scale.”

Stage 1:
Entering the Astral realm through lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming can be difficult but I will not go into too much detail here.

Stage 2:
Being able to enter the Astral plane or lucid dream when you desire.

Stage 3:
Exploring the Astral by choice. Please note that this stage is one of the most dangerous stages and can lead to harmful affects.
(Such as possession, spiritual-caused illnesses, psychosis, and attacks from spirits)

Stage 4:

Actively explore different realms and or entities in the Astral plane. This stage can start as random entering or meetings with random entities.
(Another very dangerous stage)

Stage 5:
Being able to choose specific realms of entities to visit, find specific people, and actively attacking/defending at will. This stage may be impossible or the hardest to reach depending on the level of skill or innate abilities of the person.


I’m curious what you mean here. Not saying you’re wrong. Just not sure where you are going.


@Faustus choosing when or when not to get to the astral plane. Like if you just want to take a break and just dream without risking entering the astral. When I first started to learn how to astral project, I found myself accidently enter the astral plane.

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Did you ever find your fantasies or fears manifesting rapidly there?

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What do you mean? My subconscious fears rarely appeared unless I unknowingly entered an entities’ realm and they were angry. I’ve had lucid dreams about my fears or fantasies, but not in the astral did they just show up.

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A common pre-exit phenomenon is seeing or hearing scary shit, thus aborting the exit.


I feel that, I’ve had times where I’ve been in the astral and when something doesn’t want me there I’ve noped out apologizing, then waking up.

With astral projection, you are in a sense rehearsing your own death. At least the ego sometimes thinks so and will pull out all the stops to shut that shit down


When I use to astral project I find that depending on what “level” of it you’re on in terms of the overall spectrum and which density you’re own within the spectrum, my thoughts, desires, fears, fantasies could manifest either easy without effort and the “lower” or denser they still can but with somewhat more effort. Although never had any dangerous things happen.

After that I moved on to etheric projection lol.

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This is what I have found as well and I think it leads to all manner of delusions. That’s a danger that is seldom talked about

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