5 Free Tarot Readings-for Personal Practice

Hey All,

I have had some small successes with the godform scanning thread and it has made me aware that my scrying vision has developed much more than I thought, so I’m going to be spending this weekend consecrating, and getting to know the spirits of, my Necronomicon tarot.

Starting MONDAY, I will offer 5 readings with the Necronomicon cards. First come, first served. Please reply in this thread if you would like one, but keep in mind that the readings will NOT commence until next week.

Warning 1: I am doing this for practice. I have never read for other people before so please do not make any life altering decisions based on anything I say. I might easily be just talking out of my ass.

Warning 2: The Necronomicon Tarot by Donald Tyson, that I will be using, has the standard Tarot correspondences and suits, but the art and the energy of the cards are of a darker current, so be advised that any reading from the cards will show this darkness.

Thank you, and i hope I will be able to give some interesting readings!


I’d like to have a reading please! Thank you very much and blessings! :pray:

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May I ask for one, please? Thank you very much.

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:alien: i would like a readin. Lookin for see how that deck works out for ya. :alien:

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That’s three :slight_smile:


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Number four.

And 5.

Okay, as stated above, i will start the readings on Monday.






Please PM your questions any time between now and Monday :slight_smile:


Nope, any type of question is allowed, but keep in mind the warning I wrote in the initial post about the energy of the deck.

Thanks again for the opportunity!

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@Fallen_Angel I did not receive a question form you. Do you still want a reading?

Yes, I completely forgot what’s the limitations? One question, yes?

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Any question you would like. No limits.

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I see. I’ll contact you immediately

I’ve has some good feedback from some of those who requested readings, so I have decided that I will open up my readings for 5 more people.

Anyone interested, just raise your hand by posting in this thread. Readings will once more commence on Monday.

Sure, I’m game. :grin:

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That’s one :slight_smile:

You have until Monday to send me your question @Nyxifer

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I’m in :slight_smile:

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You’re number two :slight_smile:

As stated above, you have until Monday to send me your question.

I would like a reading please

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