5 free readings

Hey guys! I’m off on Sundays and Mondays so if you want a free reading done on one of these days lemme know! The first 5 to post in this thread will get a reading from me. All I ask is for you to choose a significator card for your reading.

I will like to have a reading done for me.

I’m down for a reading.

Cool, pm me the name of which card you would like to represent you in the reading.

So you don’t need a question only a significator which is free to pick? did i get it right.? Well anyways, i would like to try.

Me me me! 9 of swords pleaaaase .-.

Yeah, I’m doing a general reading. Just a significator card that you feel a connection to and I’ll be good to go.

Also, I will be doing readings from my druidcraft deck. Anyways, I’ll do the readings sunday night. Prolly around 2 or 3 am.

there is one more available.

I don’t feel the need to grab the last one, but best of luck with the readings!

I’ll take it.

Me too! Id love a reading.

I’ve already got 5 people my friend. But I’ll put you at the top of my list the next time I do readings.

I’ve already got 5 people my friend. But I’ll put you at the top of my list the next time I do readings.[/quote]

Awesome! My significator card is the Empress.

I’m really interested in hearing your guys feedback because I did an experiment with the spread and the significator cards you guys chose and I wonder if it paid off.

[quote=“c.j. lee, post:15, topic:4286”]I’m really interested in hearing your guys feedback because I did an experiment with the spread and the significator cards you guys chose and I wonder if it paid off.[/quote]With all due respect thankz you very much bro,as a matter of fact this is the second time i have had a reading in my life.it very encouraging if we could have such inspiration,advise and guidelines as such then i hope we will surely have success in whatever we are doing.this reading have given me a lot about my current life looking at what the “Lord” is saying is very true,i always start things and leaving it incomplete but your reading has surely urge me to finish what i start and i will pravail .Thankz for this opportunity and bless be.

C.J. lee, i want to thank you for the reading - i will think about your words, read them for few times… And if its okay i will reply you some thoughts about the reading, again thank you it was appreciated and nice reading.

I did something really unconventional with this spread.

I’m trying to prove the “matrix” theory to be truth in this world.

In my experiment I had you guys pick out a significator card instead of giving me any information about yourselves. We can all agree that each card has it’s own energy signature. When choosing a card I think the law of attraction applies to our decision regarding this. We simply choose a card that is most like us.

In my spread I opened each significator card like a sigil and drew one card for each significator. Going off on the theory that we are connected somehow, more so then most since we are all on a similar path here, I wanted to do this reading as a collective.

Each significator had it’s own card to add to my collective reading. My train of thought behind this was to recreate the universal consciousness or collective consciousness that we are all a part of at this time.

The significator represented you and the card drawn for you was what you were immediately going through at this time. But this isn’t important. Because as we transfer and receive data, we receive the same data as everyone else if it is true that we are all connected. This would lead to a similar understanding and approach to life. I think this in it’s self is where the “forces” of order begin to enslave us.

Whatever it may be, it is pretty obvious to me that this life is a test. Ascending and achieving Godhood is a test. But the test that the system has put into place is a simple one IMO. What makes it appear complicated is that it’s always there, constantly distracting us with the same shit that society feels to be important. This creates an endless loop of collectively shared data that holds us back. If I’m right about this one can not only predict but overcome and conquer this system in place with ease.

For instance, once I let go of everything in my life I was free to do anything I wanted to. Since money didn’t matter I had money. Since work didn’t matter, I put myself on autopilot and created worlds in the astral. Since women didn’t matter, I met the woman I married that I love dearly. Since what other people thought about me didn’t matter, I do what makes me happy and find accomplishment in these endeavors. All of this makes me feel content. Having that outside point of view and not being a part of what people think to be important makes it easier to manipulate the system in your favor. That’s how it works for me. You can call it magick or liberation but I think letting go is key to initiate the self into continued existence. There is to much shit that we anchor ourselves to in this world and in result it has power over us.

When we look around and observe others, it’s pretty obvious that most of them struggle with the same shit that you and I both do on a daily basis. What makes this even more trippy is if your honest with yourself and share your honesty with anyone out there they will listen because they are you and struggle just like you. It takes honesty to realize this…

Well sorry for rambling. Thanks for being apart of this guys.

Wow, man. Your reading was scarily insightful. It completely dovetailed with previous readings I’ve had from other members of the forum (as well as the words of some entities) and really spoke to the changes I am currently trying to make in my life.

Thank you, and much gratitude.

Edit: When multiple divinations, done by multiple people, all point to success, and overcoming obstacles, do you think the multiverse might be trying to tell me something? LOL

I liked very much your reading C.J., it was very interesting and goes parallel with others Ive had, including things Glasya-Labolas kind of ‘told’ me. Sorry for not giving any details on whats going on with me, but its time for me to remain in silence and work my stuff out, from conception to action, without rambling around, just as your reading pointed out.

You are a good card-reader, accurate and with an interesting view on things.

Thank you!

PS: stupid phone, made me double-post.