5 free readings 🔮 [Closed]

Hello everyone,

I thought it’s time to offer some free readings again! :crystal_ball:

  • I offer 5 free readings for the first 5 people that comment on this thread.
  • I will send you a PM
  • I use tarot cards and oracle cards
  • I need your first name and age as well as the first names and ages of possible people involved. I also need a question for the reading.
  • I don’t do questions about entities, past lives, health and “the whole year 2020” readings.
  • Please give me some feedback

Let’s go :slight_smile: :four_leaf_clover:


Hi Lunia…

I would need one pls.

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I’d like one

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meeeeee hereee

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I want one, please

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May I?? I’d love a reading

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I think I can’t send you a PM as your profile is hidden!? :thinking:
Please send me a PM with the information and call the title “Reading Velenos”.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Alright that makes 5 people :slight_smile:
Thank you