4th Dimensional Entities

Hello, I have a genuine question, What do you magicians know of the Morgellons, Some call them Archons, which name simply means Ruler. There is a guy called Harald Kautz, ( Google him and listen to what he has to say, Quite enlightening) who speaks about these creatures and the control they have had over the Earth for over 80,000 years. these creature are 4th dimensional entities who feed on negative energy, hence the wars thoughout mankinds history. So my question is, are any of you aware if it is these entities we are contacting when we use congurations? It is sais that these are the beings we meet at the end of the tunnel of white light we experience at death, they decieve us into returning back to the earth claiming we have created bad Karma that must be paid. The reason being that they need our energy , caused by the fear we experience and live by whilst here on Earth in the Third dimension. Aparently we can see these creatures if we have raised our frequency high enough to be at te boundary between dimensions. ( a bit like the Jhin entities) So i understand at this moment in time, I being only a student in these matters and would like to know the truth of such things. Please do explain all you understand in these matters , Many thanks Clawhammer