440 hertz

Do you know/Have you heard anything about this frequency?


Do you mean this stuff?


Some time ago a Youtube channel dedicated to the mystery made a report about a supposed conspiracy that changed the HZ because they discovered that the music at that frequency affected people in an impressive way which at the time was dangerous for the hierarchs. I can personally say that it is true, if you manage to change the frequency, some pieces of Bach (in my case, my favorite composer) what transmits you and the way it reaches you and affects you is clearly palpable.


The number 432 is said to have many significant and coincidental connections. It originated from the Sumerian counting system. The Sumerians claim that the annunaki came down and gave them this great mathematical wisdom.


Is there any difference between music played on instruments tuned to this, or music edited afterwards using software?

There seems to be a lot of edited music on YouTube, I wonder if anyone has advice on this? I’m curious to try some out overnight for a few days and see what happens.


By the way I was playing some earlier, and have tried it before, and both times the 432 made me actually feel quite ill, after a while. I’m not making this up, or exagerrating.

It’s come up before on here and it’s never really worked for me, it usually seems okay at first but after listening for a while, it’s just… off, somehow. And I have no problem believing (or at least being open-minded about) the theories about why 440hz was enforced as the ISO standard, so it’s not that.

Then I found this and while it looks crazy, I dunno… http://www.waronwethepeople.com/432-hz-fraud-advanced-psychopaths-destroy-love-played-528-hz/


Watched this one video about it. Not sure if I’m completely sold but it is very interesting. I’ll link in one second. https://youtu.be/y8JGFlZXK2k

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the man spoke that the instruments were also tuned to that frequency. I deduce that the way it affects you will be more “pure” by playing the instrument than by listening to it modified. Tell me, how did it go

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Due to inhamonicity, this is mostly worthwhile with singing bowls. Or other one piece instruments. Tempered tunings on other instruments(guitar/piano) will only then have the A corresponding but due to temperament all other tones will still be off.