40 days of mantras vs. 1 ceremony

I have used Eastern mantras quite a bit and have done Western style ceremonies also. There is one significant difference between the two styles of magick that I don’t understand. In Western ceremonies, you perform the spell, evocation, etc. and then forget about it. The results will happen.

When you use mantras to obtain something specific, you chant them everyday for some amount of time (40 days is pretty typical).

I understand that all magick uses essentially the same basic mechanisms to function when you strip them down, but I am having a hard time reconciling this difference between the two styles.

Can anyone explain this?

I cant explain it fully but not all western magick is like that lets take a seven day spell for example, every day you dothe ceremony, burn the candle down to a specified notch then leave. Every day tgis is done for seven days with the seventh day being a total releasw of the desire and previously primed energy . Its supposed to stack like buffs on a video game, adding morr power to it by the final day, same thing with mantras you prime the desire and add energy to it in subsequent days to bring about its manifestation faster. At least thats the theory i think. And it depends who you ask some people prefer seven day spells, others the forget method and still others prefer daily devotions to a patron, yet all yield manifestation. Whether certain methods are faster is up for speculation and experimentation. But tgats what i got for ya hope it helps a little.

Thanks for the input, Awalter.

This is one of those questions that I think is important to solve… At least for me. :slight_smile:
Now that I think about it, there is a spell that I forgot about that requires you to call upon the same three demons for 30 days in a row for maximum effectiveness. That runs counterintuitive to the psychological retraction idea, doesn’t it?

With Mantra, it is very Similar to the Forgetting things of the Western Ceremonial Magick, but the difference is in the Method for that, When you do a Spell in a Western Magick Paradigm, Forgetting about the Spell is actually removing the Conscious Mind from it, while the Subsoncious and the SupraConscious are still aware of it,

Its the same things with Mantra instead that you do the repetition of the Mantra for a Certain Number of Day to ‘‘Engrave’’ the Mantra Pattern of Energy deeply in your Subconscious mind and Supraconscious mind.

For isntance in western Magick, doing a Ritual with the same Demon for lets say 7 Days is very is the same things, your doing the Ritual again and again to engrave the ‘‘Ritual Pattern’’ in your Subconscious and Supraconscious mind.

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That’s good information.