4 Seperate LBRP's or 1 S/GIRP for invocation

Hey there,

Just a technical question really ,

As far as my understanding of the astral body or body of light,
I am of the understanding that the elements must be built up within the magician.

My question is this,

Which would be more effective , doing 1 Greater Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram once a day,
or doing 4 Seperate LBRP’s for each element in one day,

I feel the 4 LBRP’S would probably draw more energy towards the magician am I wrong?
and also is it better to invoke 1 element per day with 1 LBRP or do the Greater Ritual of the Pentagram (invoking).

Also an earth banishing is done before any of the above,

Kind Regards in advance,

I’d go with 1 nbrp with each quater pentagram coloured accordingly e.g east=yellow,south=red,west=blue,north=.green and drawing each pentagram as per the element of the quater you’re facing …eg east either invoking or banishing pentagram … THIS: http://hermetic.com/osiris/nbrp.htm is THE good stuff :wink: