4 incantations

Good evening everyone!

First, I am very grateful for all the knowledge learned here.

2 ° I already looked in the forum, but I did not find how to use the first incantacion of koetting … I would like to know more “how to use” the first enchantment … Grateful for everything …
Note: some information on other incantations is welcome


The incantation:

“itz rachu mantantu
vespacha kaltamu
itz ranta mant kala
mant atzu belt tazu
vaskalla itz rachu
kantantu velchatza”

~HOW is this supposed to be pronounced?

The “ch” like the german “ch” /the arabic “h” ?
Or more like Eric had spoken it, like the sanskrit “ch” ?


Hell if i know, i just pronounced it the way he did in the video, it’s worked so far.


Well the thing is:

as i pronounced it my way, it felt more “natural” to me,
but as soon as i discovered the video, i have grown unsecure about that feeling.
Because: if that incantion has been channeled and not shown visually instead,
it has to be pronounced that way like Eric does, but if it has been shown to him,
my way could be better for my work.

Because: if its bunch of “words of power”, they have to be pronounced a certain way,
but if they are not, it doesn’t matter.


I say keep pronouncing it the way it feels natural to you, your intention to use it in the first place is what gives it true power…But that’s just my opinion.