4 gods of creation the elements

so what I’m currently finding out is that there are the four main gods of humanity’s creation those names are…


they are also the four elements…


they have told me that meditation is the key to human evolution and that the golden age is near they are our gods I asked them who they were and they simply said “we are your gods”… these four have been damned as demons they are now known as


these four are also the gods in control of the underworld aka spirit astral realms…

Ishtar and Shamash are brother and sister and Enki is the half brother of Enlil…


now I could be wrong here but my meditation and research has lead me to believe this as truth…

when meditating try calling on the four elements earth… air… fire… water… Ishtar… Shamash… Enlil… Enki…

This is a fine example of what we here on the forum refer to as UPG, which stands for Unverified Personal Gnosis. It means that this might stand true for the OP, but that does not mean it stands true for everyone, and someone should not feel like their ideas are invalid if they disagree with the OP’s attributions.

There are so many different spirits attributed to the Persian system of elements, from angels to demons, to gods, that I felt it important to point out to any new magician that reads this thread, that this is NOT the Capital-T Truth, but only a personal one for the OP.

Some new comers to the forum have already expressed their confusion regarding all the different opinions regarding Satan and Lucifer so I thought understanding the concept of UPG was warranted :slight_smile:


I agree.

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The thing I noticed about the classical elements, and this is just IME, but they all seem to just be different interpretations of the energetic behaviors that substantiate the universe. If you can describe the fundamental actions of the universe in a different energetic format, another set of elements and their consciousnesses are brought to your primal awareness. A great example of this is that the fundamental forces in physics don’t ‘match up’ with the classical elements. So there are also Nuclear, Gravitational, and Electrical elementals, as well as Gold elementals, Argon elementals, and so on.

A Deity that unifies those forces and consciousness would be a spectacluar sight! :slight_smile: