3rd eye

In Africa there are herbs and other methods that activates the 3rd eye instantly, 3 days, 7 days and 21days depending on who is doing it.
Why is it so difficult in the western world to activate it, requiring meditation and visualization of blue or something light with all sorts of practices. Is there no way apart from these methods known to them?

I opened my though visualization , for 30 min to hour a day , it’s hard because our diet is shit , our society is shit , our physical and spiritual well-being is not an interest of our society


You’re right on point concerning your diets. Out here in Africa our foods serves as medicine. People eat to heal themselves but immediately they change diets to foreign foods then it a hell for them.
I’ve seen so many white people practicing our spirituality which works for them so well

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I eat whatever and my third eye is blasted open , I fast a lot though and drink tons of water and eat lots of fruit , just if you eat junk you keep it moderate and not frequently


There’s added flouride and minerals in drinking water in the west. As well as many toxic stuff in everyday products. Sugar is one of them that shuts the 6th senses. Flouride create calcium mineral deposits in brain to shuts the 3rd eye. It may be very little but it affects our energy system. They do it on purpose so people are not awaken. there’s a fight right now to get rid of flouride in water as it’s proven to be toxic. The pharma is trying to fight to keep these toxic chemicals. So many dangerous chemicals in everyday food/products that pharma gets away with just for profit and power. This is because they set in place old laws that make it tough to change things to benefit mankind’s health.

So thats’ you answer why people’s 3rd eye is closed. chemicals.


@hajam Could you identify the names of those herbs? Is there any possibility that we could find them online or maybe in stores?

I don’t have the names of the herbs yet but I’m the process of being taught so I won’t hesitate to share with you all when everything has been tested and approved together with the other methods apart from using the herbs


That’s so nice of you!! We need to share those significant information among the civilizations and the different traditions…
Looking forward for your update :slightly_smiling_face: