3rd eye opening tips

Hi anyone got any tips for beginners on how to open your 3rd eye

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With power sensing, I slow my breathing and shut my eyes. I call the spirit aloud and mentally, and let the vision come, not judging, not reacting.

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Get into a meditative state and pull energy from the universe it can be either blue or indigo and imagine it just being pulled into your third eye like a straw you may start to get a headache at that point take a break and when you are feeling up to it start again it takes some time to fully work but it’s worked the best for me


Imagine a spot between the eyebrows (so basically concentrate on the third eye itself), repeat “Omomom…” and other times “Ooomm”.


Have you tried searching the forum? This question has been asked many times here so you will find a lot of good advice through a search.


Sometimes i do feels headache after meditation. How is it when you feels that way, when your out of meditation state

I used some youtube guided mexitations to open mine and went from there… i dont use it for much beyond telepathy though so it’s not as developed as it could be i think