3rd Eye Opening and Vegitarianism/Veganism

I watched a Youtube video by Indigo Priestess . You guys all know her. She’s a fan of EAK and a few other people in the BALG Universe.

At any rate, she was doing an educational bit on how to open the 3rd eye an she made the claim that it is almost impossible to open the 3rd eye if you have not wiped meat out of your diet entirely.

Does everyone agree? I hope not. I embrace my natural inner predator perhaps a bit more than most. I am definitely a meat eater. So I am cursed now with a 3rd eye that will forever be welded shut by congealed animal fat? Seriously? LOL

She claimed it was not possible since you are absorbing the pain of the murdered animal. She’s a lovely woman and I do respect her opinions but I sincerely hope she is wrong about this.

She is wrong. She is simply repeating what the Hindu yogis claim (and various hippies and New Agers too)

Vegetarianism is linked to the idea of “purity,” and the yogas, from which the entire concept of the “third eye” is derived, are a religious, Right Hand Path, practice in which purity is seen as a necessity.

That is why there are paths of the Left Hand, in India, that gain great power by breaking the Hindu taboos against meat, and sex outside of marriage, and all the other religious injunctions.

However, the rules of Hindu yogis do not apply to Western people, for the simple reason that eating meat is a staple of our culture. Western sorcerers did not worry about opening their “third eye” until the 1800’s when the mysticism of the East began to enter the Western Tradition via Blavatsky and her creation Theosophy.

You do not need to work with the chakras in any form to be a powerful magician so I don’t believe for one moment that vegetarianism is in any way necessary.

It is also worth noting that powerful sorcerers, such as EA, eat meat and don’t seem to have issues with their “third eye.”

Edit to add: Yoga is mysticism, which has a completely different objective than magick. Eating meat grounds you into the physical, something mystics try to escape from.


As I’ve mentioned in another thread; I’ve veered away from researching into what’s best for the third eye when pop culture and 3rd eye hysteria came in with the new age movement.

Take the Sephirothic tree, Kether is the crown of the head and may perhaps refer to the pineal gland. If I were to make any allegation; it’d be that the biggest preventative from looking beyond the veil is the inability to question things that require critical reasoning and solving, ultimately the dumbing down of the masses by washing us down with too much convenience that takes to laziness and entertainment.

The only thing I can imagine meat would be doing at its worse, is produce mucus, however—Indigo Priestess and many others would simply see it as “don’t expect to eat dead meat and to progress throughout your livelihood”, which may pertain to some truth, but it’s all about balance. Feed your body what it needs, and it’ll provide the rest. Don’t eat until absolutely full.

Consumption of meat doesn’t have anything to do with the third eye or abilities or even ascent.

It has everything to do with vibration. When we eat meat, we’re consuming something that has zero life force. So, our vibration falls.

The only dietary issue regarding the third eye would be fluoride. Eat whatever you like, decalcify the third eye and you’re good to go.


yea, that explains the whole thing, with the purpose behind both.

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Well i am vegetarian and sometimes vegan. If it has something to do with the 3rd eye maybe… I think is an ethic dilemma actually


I am vegetarian as well

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Another vegetarian here and I realised that my works are way stronger than when I used to eat meat.
But I also work a lot with Hindu deities et rituals… maybe it explains everything.


Vegetarianism and veganism are a great way to approach antinomianism.
If to you becoming vegan is transgressive, by all means, do it. It will help you with opening your third eye and a lot of others practices.
To me, being vegan is transgressive because I am a born energy and sanguine vampire, so suppressing meat and blood is transgressive for me. Other people try the use of blood on magic for the same purpose.

It is not the veganism itself, it is what it means to you.


I agree with you there @DarkestKnight vegan/vegetarian well it needs balance. Personally went completely off meat for long time. … and 10 or 9 mths of chicken 2mnths of the red… cant say I like it but it not out of reverance as these yogi rhp minset dogmatically tripe out about. lf i eat meat i thank the animal it was sacrificed and gives me sustenance therefore I am greatful to the animal for its pranic/essence a simple thank you and be done. Weather you eat meats or not has nothing to do with the ajna. Diet is for your optimal health not a damned ideology.
The YT Indigo Priestess is ok but with of ideological confusion
As for animal cruelty let me be the voice of the big B snd ask are we going to cry over dead ants and roaches if we ever eat those - humanely farm grasshoppers and stay in our nice little picket cages? Nah

You don’t have to go against nature to develop yourself.

I know that people who do djinn magic should definitely not eating meat some 3 days at least before these important rituals.

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