3rd eye / inner vision. What's it like?

Pardon me if I’m asking incorrectly or if it seems off.

When you successfully work on your 3rd eye or your inner sight, is this a particular type of vision where you can switch it “on or off” as you please or is it a constant type of vision when your normal eyes are open, therefore seeing other entities and spirits nearby?

Is this vision only active when your eyes are closed? I don’t know much.

If there is any information needed before I can start working on it please briefly let me know. I’ve heard stories on here that people may go insane after ripping their 3rd eye open so quick and sudden, not expecting to see what they saw…

Thanks for any info


It will open when you do enough self work on self. It comes when it comes. no need to put too much emphasis on it. lusting gets you further away. Each person have their own experience. Everyone’s 3rd eye is there. Just a matter of knowing how to access it. many do it by accident. The newer generations have easier access due to planet alignment of their birth.


So as someone still learning when I use my inner sight for a while and start seeing things alot with eyes closed I’ll start seeing stuff with eyes open it’s actually quite nice cause it feels like there’s less chance that your imagaining it compaired to seeing what the spirits show you. Fo the most past though I have to think about it for the visions to start but sometimes they just kick in when it’s a good thought or it seems like the information the sight brings was important.

So it’s sorta weird the seeing spirits part scrying Into a mirror helps that I just put an obsidian mirror in my shopping cart for that purpose. So once you open your eye it tends to be on and you see manafestation energy typically black energy that swirls like tiny particles moving around within the chosen form it also distorts what’s behind the being alot to when you look through them. The basicas about your eye being open seems like our see that when it’s around and see further Into it the more you work it,

like for example when I close my eyes I can always see the outline of my arms even see my fingers as I open and close my hand I’m just looking not trying to see extra just seeing what’s available allthough I should allow my curiosity to make me fill in the color and stuff like that.

So theres vibration chants that help in opening your chakra’s a different word for each. It’s important to make sure you get fully relaxed and then hold your breath until it starts to get uncomfortable the longer you hold our breath the more waist elements are in it O2 example which when you vibrate your words afterwards get a stronger frequency from the weight then from your normal breath.

If interested or 3rd eye opening I’d use the word TOOHHHH for three days in a row when you vibrate the word correctly you actually feel it in your forehead and so can people near you, make sure you say the word a few times per day. The forth day uses a different power word it uses MAY make sure you vibrate the word your entire exhale for both words.

These words are rarer and not in most meditation list for vibration words but it seemed to work wonders or me but I used it at the right time and had an awakening on the forth day. So even if our don’t decide to do it when ever it feels right do it then or research the normal words, I have a website that’s super in depth so so many meditations it has beginner intermediate and advanced words sacskrit being advanced for each chakras focus I’ll share it if your interested it’s come in real handy for me,

after doing all the basic openers for each main chakra and then focusing for 5 hours one day I had my first encounter with the Kundalini serpent that I was aware of, it’s appearence was way different then how I see other spirits, definitely sonthing to look forward to and working on all the chakras not just your third eye would make it alot easier to not go crazy from forcing your eye open,

if you ever start going nuts just remember o ask nicely to be left alone then do banishments or sage it also supposedly helps to lower energy levels when you cross your legs at the ankles. O yea you could also just ask a church guy to close your eyes if our start going nuts I’ve Hurd tones of stories about them doing it without asking so I’m sure if you asked they would oblige.

A phrase that helped me alot is it’s possible and because it’s possible I’ll do it to prove it’s possible and to experience it. Well hope I didn’t over respond I kept it pretty on par at least I do tend to bable at times.


What would you suggest as I 3rd eye excersise?


Learning to scan yourself and the energy around you, not focusing on the 3rd eye too much.


I can give a few pointers but I’m sure there’s other with a great deal more wisdom then I have.
So the vibration chant for starters would help, then there’s using a plastic eye attune our sight I to it and picture your line o sight as it’s in your mind with eyes open turning it different directions in the room where you can see the point it towards an area you can’t see picture it in your mind then close your eyes and sustain that image while you roll it into the area your normal eyes ont reach it’s weird when your sights going In circles as it rolls but it’s fun and let’s you know it’s working.

So all of the chakra meditations for first opening them or continues work have visualization parts to them that will help see the spirit better because you seeing the chakra point itself. Lucifer showed me to use a mini :tornado: the small side on the chakra point to pull in and absorb what every type of energy our working with you can also put your hand or a lid ontop of the twister and pull feel the connection alot when our open the close it pretty quike, the twister starts to funtion as it should without needing to think about it so just picture it there spinning and sucking energy to the point and it’ll help our sight see how things move on there own without fear of thoughtform.

So doing scans in the scan threads help so so much for just getting your eye in a great place especially if you do the meditation first working it out a little bit but Alo balancing yourself and getting your mind in a proper place to o a scan and not have I play around.

If you haven’t do e a scan yet I might help to ask for a picture of the person but it’ll one o you pretty simply the biggest thing or me is shutting up typically and seeing what the spirits reveal about the person or they reveal based on person practice.

For sight itself you can scry a mirror A. E recommends scanning the seam of the room not your own image in the mirror just gotta know that your gonna see things typically, if you o a banishment befor the scrying you probably have a better time. I personally have just set things up within my own that I see reality about energy work and stuff like that example if I’m trying to create an energy field around myself that prevents something from Infkuencing me and I simply can’t the entire time I’m trying to create the energy field there will always be a crack in it I’m trying o get it to fill in that I just can’t if I tell myself I can form it but the effect just moves through it it’ll close up but doesn’t prevent the effect but I prefer to see actuality which in turn does make my visualization a little less vivid cause I don have as much energy as I should. Also tell your self when your visualizing thing like lighting shooting out of your hand that it’s real it’s just in a different dimension and all you need to do is to bring it I o this one it’s allready real this helps the process of bringing Into life and also stregthens the said effect which it’s alot easier to brinbi to the dimension that annoying spirit is in then Into the physical where your body resides.

Hope this helps I’m still pretty new but I had super good insight when I first started I do vhave as much brilliance anymore traa exc hence the Influence I can’t over come. Buvyea that’s just government technology vs human brain I’m failing the fight against it lol.

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