36 little devils for psy attack and revenge


I am going to purchase this book also but I am in the same frame of mind as you. I would love to know if someone here has actually used it before?

[quote=“The Eye, post:1, topic:3161”]http://www.amazon.com.au/The-Devils-Grimoire-System-Psychic-ebook/dp/B00FDWP6WW

This volume introduces you to 36 little devils you can employ to attack your enemies while guarding and benefiting yourself. It is an entire system of psychic attack, which includes provisions for your own defense. These little devils are egregores, which are sophisticated thought-forms with limited intelligence, programmed to carry out specific actions when they are activated. By using this system, people who need more control over their own lives may attain it; both minor nuisances and major problems may be eliminated

I’m reading it.

Those 36 little devils are egregores. You have their name, seals, functions. They’re used for plenty of purpose.

I don’t know what to think about them. Their description is quite exotic and I never heard of them.

For instance one is described this way :

A demon of both psychological and physical torture who appears wearing a black robe, a mask and a pointed hood over his head. He tortures your enemy by day and night with horrors both real and imagined. Employ him to punish or dominate an enemy

Or another here :

A destructive storm-bringer who appears as a violently reeling vortex. He decimates everything in your enemy’s life, including his business, his home and his relationships

or :

A corpulent, grinning, grasping imp of greed who imparts wild loss of self-control to your enemy. He possesses him with the desire to eat and drink beyond healthy limitations and take things that do not belong to him

They are 36 with 36 different goals and offices.

I’m curious to know whether some of you have already worked with that book and obtained results ?

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