331 blue libra moon

Hey, y’all, it’s your friendly neighborhood magus, Levi Sheppard! waves

This Saturday, March 31st 2018, is another blue moon. This one is in Libra. Libra is about balance and justice. We are in the midst of a Mercury retrograde as well. Many magicians and witchy types will tell you that you shouldn’t ever do magick during a Merc retro. This is simply not true. If anything, it’s the most potent time to do it. You just have to work with the understanding that the retrograde is the slowing down of Mercury; the reverse direction is simply an illusion. And Mercury is, after all, a trickster.

What this means in the context of a full blue moon is the concentrated Mercurial power in tandem with the amped up energy of a blue moon. Harness it, use it.

This is specifically a great time for transformational magick. If there’s something you want to change in your world, lay those foundations now. Well…on the 31st.

For those of you who have been in a magickal funk or generally feeling self-doubt and shittiness, this is a perfect time to take the reigns back and become master of your own destiny again.

Transformation and Balance are kind of my jam so I’m a bit excited about this particular harmony. It’s a rare opportunity and I encourage you to take advantage of it!


Thank you for this :blush:

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Ah ! so according to this I’m on the right track with this whole getting back to exercise thing and that weight loss journey :muscle:t2: wish me luck, TIME TO EXTINGUISH DAT LAZY COUCH POTATO :joy:

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You got dis!

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I’m making the most of it tonight :slight_smile:

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gonna use the opportunity to focus on Naamah, just feels perfect with the blue paschal moon

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Just a reminder to those who observe the celestial bodies of the retrograde that is occuring with both Jupiter, and Mercury. May the best of occurrence be bestowed upon all, and I would like to say in effort for a great many to protect their magick now is a great time to focus on the self while not necessarily obligating plans or signing contracts until after the retrograde.
I respect the fact that not everybody makes these observations.