30 Days of Magic


Andrieh is holding another 30 challenge and I am set to do one myself. Though I will probably be too late to sign up for his challenge I will still dedicate 30 days to a magical operation.

My goal: I have in the past both seen and heard spirits, though I know that my senses need more work so I can experience more physical manifestations. I have been very busy with college, work, my rune pathworking, and my relationships, so I have not evoked a great deal these past few months. My goal is to open my astral sight and hearing, fully.

The spirit: I read S.V.E.'s account with Vassago and I was intrigued. Many divinations done by myself and others have confirmed that Vassago would be a great ally in helping me. So Vassago it is.

The materials: I have Vassago’s seal (it is paper now but by the time I start I will have engraved his seal into a disk of the proper metal) a dark mirror, an altar, Lucky Mojo’s Psychic Vision Oil and Black Arts Oil, and candles. I also have a black obsidion pendulum and my favorite deck of tarot cards that I will ask Vassago to tune and impart his energy into, cause that sounds cool as shit.

The start date has been set for a week from Sunday, during these 30 days I will abstain from alcohol (other than the mead I drink while I venerate Odin), I will also extend the invitation for free tarot readings (3 card only) during these 30 days. This will be an offering to Vassago to show him how serious I am to improve my divination and astral senses, and it also helps me practice. I ask that if you want a reading from me to ask serious questions. Matters of ascension, love, money, revenge, etc are great and I love reading those, but if you ask me what you should eat for lunch…I’ll read on it…but come on… I would also ask for some patience as I may not get to your readings quickly.

If anyone wants to check out Andrieh’s challenge and read some of the experiences of others, search Magick30 on Ye old internet.

Stay Frosty,

  1. I have thought of Angelics, but S.V.E.'s account really made me want go with Vassago. I may Do another 30 days with Gabriel, I had thought about doing both at the same time.

  2. Yes if someone is interested they can PM me next week and I will read for them.

  3. Thank you good sir :slight_smile:

I am glad it helped. That is pretty cool that we both go the same card for the outcome :slight_smile:

Thank you for this good sir! I am keeping this…for reasons :wink:

I would accept a reading, kind sir. The PM shall soon materialize.

And this is awesome, man! May your task be ever fruitful!

Thank you sir!

I will be able to get to the readings starting next Sunday, I really should stop avoiding homework…

I’m stoked to hear about how things go with Vassago brother!

I’ve got a couple of questions that I need some insight on so I’ll mos’ def hit you up on a reading.

Vassago is one of my absolute favorite spirits next to Belial. Have you tried invoking him while doing a reading? Try to slip into a minor stage of possession and then just let him talk. 90% of the time I go to sit down with my cards he slaps me like a bitch and tells me to stop looking and listen up.

Walker you’re alive! Last I heard from you, you were doing a ton of Black Sun work…then you disappeared. I was beginning to think it ate you.

Thanks for the advice, once I get to know Vassago better I may try that :slight_smile:

Things got heavy with Belial. I needed to step back from the Occult as a whole for a while. Opened a few of those doors people tell you not to. Needless to say I’ve come quite a ways in that time. In the process of writing about the whole thing and what I’ve learned. Sort of a “How to Belial” book. Nice to be back though!


I am going to have to suspend the Vassago working for the immediate future due to some health concerns.

I will still do free readings for the next 29 days though, cause they are fun :slight_smile:

So bring it!

This is the thread to heap praise! NOW I remember. LOL

LOL, I appreciate it, but no public praise is needed. I really do love to hear from ya’ll via pm to see what my readings told ya and if they helped.

I hope you are feeling better brother. New moon tomorrow so hopefully that helps.

[quote=“Orismen, post:10, topic:3090”]Hey BALG,

I am going to have to suspend the Vassago working for the immediate future due to some health concerns.

I will still do free readings for the next 29 days though, cause they are fun :slight_smile:

So bring it![/quote]

Watch out for yourself man. I’ll scrounge up a question here soon.

Edit so as not to double post - Phenomenal reading as always, just have to publicly brag on you some more. Prompt, truthful, and right on target I daresay. I will know very soon just how the event in question plays out.