30 Day Challenge Experience

So 5:30 in the morning and surfing the web I found this website where the people are encouraged to do 30 days of evocation. The people post there experiences and from what I can tell the people doing the rituals are begginers. I see a few things here and there and thought maybe the people here my find a few useful tips from other fellow beginners.


It looks as though our very own Orismen is involved with that.

Oh okay. Didn’t realize there was already information regarding that on the forum already.

No, haven’t seen anybody talk about that site on here. What I meant was I checked that site out and saw the name of one of this site’s regular posters mentioned on it.

So… I’m supposed to publicly report on a magical operation as I’m planning and performing it, and I have to perform it to the specifications of someone else, and take pictures of it and file daily reports of my experiences… So I can get a t-shirt and an attaboy?

What exactly am I going to get out of an hour-long session with the same spirit for 30 days (outside of a larger operation like pact-work)? My work didn’t jump forward until I realized that I ought to be doing it in 10 to 30 minutes with minimal setup, and the 90 minutes with a leisurely lead-in time was actually self-defeating and amateurish.

Now I can look at the seal, say the name 1 to 3 times and instantly have strong clear visuals and communication. While I currently get little external “phenomena” doing it this way, its a much more intense experience. In that brief window of time, it will sometimes feel like the spirit arrived by slamming a truck through the wall. You don’t wonder if they’re there… You just jump in with minimal planning and let each session shape itself. Plans and goals will develop naturally out of these sessions and be better than the crap you “figure out” in your clever chair.

I suggested a 30 day course of daily evocation once to… I think it was Azazel, I’d have to look. Whoever it was, they told me it was probably a bad idea and I realized what they meant… that I would most likely waste WEEKS trying to plan out thirty days worth of stuff to do and then run out of ideas halfway through, get tired and start faking it, and in the end do half the work that I would have done anyway without an official thirty day Big Deal.


Sultitan is right after a while Raphael was like “Why do you keep calling me”. I had some great life transformations thanks to the 30 day. I stopped drinking, and started get a whole lot healthier. I am still reaping some benefits from my work with Raphael.

I wouldn’t say that everyone was a beginner though.

Yes that makes sense however for me personally the value of the movement was the fact that I could read about experiences other people are having, some of which are beginners like me.