3 times this thought came to my head

Is it possible for someone to knock themselves out of astrological alignment on a spiritual level via evoking an entity or something else that’s ov a different zodiac as your own?
For example, you’re a pisces and evoke the Sephirot Gevurah which is in Scorpio. Could it give an allusion that you’re out of whack?

Genuine, intellectual, relevant answers/conclusions are most welcome. No emotionalism responses please


Your astrological alignment has more to do with the stars you were born under than anything else, so it would be impossible to change that through something like evocation.

An illusion of being out of wack is possible though, as that is dependent upon your own personal perception and that is easily fooled.

Astrology applies only to your current physical birth, you can’t change that, you can try and take on the spiritual qualities of a certain astrological concept as an archetype. However, it wouldn’t be considered out of wack in my opinion because astrology and how it affects you outside of simply being born on a specific day, time, year, etc is purely subjective.

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