3 Soul travel questions

So in my travels of learning soul travel I heard of something called etharic projection where not just your astral body leaves but everything leaves. Emotions. Physical sensations ect. Have you guys heard of this or is it just more dog water lol.

Also is it possible in astral projection to feel physical sensations. Thanks!

Also is it possible while enduring physical pain to block it out by successfully going into astral projection even while you’re feeling physical pain

I feel a darkestknight coming on…

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When it comes to spiritual anatomy, the terms used largely depend on what system you follow, but in Theosophy, the etheric body was the name given to the energy template of your physical form. This particular subtle body is the closest to the physical, and never really separates, It is denser than the astral body, though not as dense as the physical body, and can only move an inch or two outside of it, so “etheric” projection wouldn’t be possible.

Yes. What your mind experiences, you body can feel.

Yes, you can train yourself to ignore bodily sensations. This is what those who meditate for long hours in difficult asanas learn to do. It’s also what the Special Forces and intelligence agents are taught to do to resist torture, though it’s impossible to know whether they are astral travelling or simply retreating into the deepest recesses of their mind (one known technique for example, is to build a sanctuary in the mind where a person can retreat to when things are bad in the external world, which is very similar to building an astral temple).