3 sigil rule for astral evocation

Does the 3 sigil rule apply to astral evocations?

If you are talking about EA’s caveat to only having three sigils open at once, then it is not so much a “rule” as it is a piece of advice for beginners. It is simply to prevent an overload of energies flowing into your life.

It only applies to the opening of sigils, not to evocation.

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Thank you. I’m trying to figure out exactly what he means by causing clutter. I was doing a lot of sigil magick with demon seals and I was getting definite decent results but I started to wonder if the magick was possibly being weakened due to me not heeding the 3 sigil ‘‘rule’’. Do you think working within one system, like the goetia, where all the spirits are infernal, there’d be energies counteracting each other and hindering the spells?

Again, it has nothing to do with the energies counteracting each other but overloading YOU. The example EA gives in Works of Darkness is of a friend of his who opened a dozen sigils and EA found him sitting on his bed, staring off into space due to overload. His mind couldn’t process the energies he had opened himself to.

The “clutter” EA is talking about is your environment. There are energies always around you but they are mostly neutral. When you deliberately call in certain energies, they will begin to imprint themselves upon the environment. Too much of any specific type of energy, or too many different types, creates a buildup, in the same way dust can build up in your house if you don’t clean regularly. When that happens, you and anyone else can be effected negatively.

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Thank you for helping me understand a lot better. Sounds like I should check out that book soon.

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You’re welcome.

If all the seals you opened were for different tasks, and you are not being negatively affected by the energies, then I don’t think you need to worry about opening more than three seals.

Every once in a while do a cleansing of your ritual area to remove any energetic build up if you need to, but I think you’re okay.

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Thanks, thats good to hear. Seemed like everything was going as planned. Do you think I could accidentally drive someone crazy if I had too many sigils open meant to influence their behaviour, thoughts and actions? Because I don’t want them to start acting crazy, that could be a disaster. Fortunately what I’ve seen so far is that these people become more reasonable and fair and not sadistic tyrants anymore

Yes, it is possible to overload them, just as it is possible to overload yourself, but it would all depend on how sensitive your target is. Our aura acts as a sort of natural filter for the environmental energies that we interact with on a daily basis, but, if you have ever had the experience of walking into a room where an intense argument had just taken place, you know how easy it can be to overcome the auric filter and be effected by strong energies.

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Thank you very much. Guess I should do more evocations then. I personally enjoy carrying a lot of open sigils and feeling like I have a lot of demonic energy around me and my home. I feel it guiding me on an instinctual level like I’m a beast. I’ll be careful if I see anything negative but I’m not so worried now.

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