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I have had personal energy based on my own independence… aka (being apart from my mom living wise). While I was living at a family friends house, from about 8 months ago up until 2 nights ago… i had that energy there with me at the room i was in(energy of self sufficiency and confidence to provide for self, enjoying it etc), and it was not evaded upon etc. It felt incredibly under my control and as if I was In control of my energy and not deterred by things around me.

I was given a place to stay that i own now due to a connection through my mom and time was ticking at that place I was staying at, the guy didn’t tell me himself I had to leave, he told my mom. and i wanted to bring the energy I had there that was with me at that last place to the place I’m at now without it being evaded upon by my mom. Due to reasons of “control”, etc… I was not given the opportunity to just get to the new location myself so i could transfer that energy to the new place and went with the person who was controlling to take me there (my mom), rather than travel to the location myself.
They wanted to make it a “special experience”. Which i understand but i wanted to vibe out the new place for myself. Rather than make sure it was a special experience for me due to me checking it out for myself. When I mentioned this, I was guilt tripped.

What can I do to transmit that energy I left there at that place with me so I have it here at the new place? I feel I need to go back because my independent energy is back there and my mom has done this every fucking time she has gotten me a place to stay, where she will take me there rather than me journey there(new house) myself (in turn keeping my energy from the place I left and bringing it with me to the new place). When I go with her, she castrates that energy I had with me at whatever place I was at. This creates like a codependency loop and keeps me from enjoying new places like previous ones.
How do I also get rid of the energy of those people who were here so I can have this space to myself

how could I go about showing my appreciation to my parents without jeopardizing my feeling of authority over my own independence and personal energy of independence at this new place?
If I would have known this would happen I would have just let her leave (meet me there) and walked there myself. Whenever I have left old houses, it’s always been with my mom rather than leaving myself. This makes it as though mine and her energies are together whenever I leave an old place and castrates my feeling of independence(ie leaving a place I was at and journeying to the new one alone) which is very important as I understand now.

Do I need to go back to that place I was at and meditate then Re-enact walking from that place to the new one? Is there something I can do?

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Maybe I’m missing something, but most of this post has nothing to to with you bringing energy over from another place.

These are the only two questions that really have anything to do with magick.

If you have the control of the energy, literally will as much of it as you can and settle it into your new place. If you can’t, then you need to start building from the ground up, which isn’t a bad idea.

How to get rid of residual energies? Banish the place and do some sort of consecration ritual to start laying your claim and energy over the place.

I’m not saying the rest of the post doesn’t have merit, but it’s more about hurt feelings and a loss of pride. Maybe there’s a lesson or two that you need to learn and that’s why you’re in that situation. Doesn’t mean you have to like it. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work your way out of it, both mundanely and magically. Instead of looking at this like some kind of defeat, you may want to look (over time) for lessons you may be able to learn. This may be an opportunity to focus on something(some things) that will help you later on.


Say this. If you were to picture that energy I felt I left back at that house(my independence) as a sort of circle you could step into…
Obviously that energy needs to meet with me in order to tune back in with me.

Could I “will” that energy from the last place I was at to where I am now?

Your independence is not energy. Your mindset may be affecting your emotions. That’s an emotional or mental obstacle, not a direct magical one.

Your energy goes where you go. You left a PLACE. Not you. Clean the slate at the new place. Start building it back up.

Otherwise, you may as well stop practicing, work on yourself, and come back to practicing when you’re in a better spot.

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Very good advice here from @anon39079500.

The major issue, magical at least, is your dependence on the accumulated energy and the attachment you have to it. As was said already, the energy and place you meditate aren’t who you are or some direct relationship to things like independence. Building up the energy again is no big deal because it comes from you. If anything, you should be noticing more conducive energy as you accumulate energy through practice in different spaces over time.

Just consecrate and banish your space. Put a ward or protection spell if you feel so inclined. The important part is the meditation and practice.


You might like the place cuz of it’s energy. It’s called feng shui. You are your own being. you have your own energy. Environment can affect your energy and state of mind. There is no taking energy from one place to another. Energy isn’t contained in a bottle. The only thing you can do is remember the states that place trigger in you and use your memory to recall the experience so that you can create that energy yourself. Take some practice and time to do that cuz it’s all about energy/state awareness and not many have energy training.

Even people can affect your energy. If you train yourself you can block all the energy you don’t want from other people. It don’t matter who is around you if you have control of your energy through management skills. Nature is great for you to learn to be with your own energy. It’s good to spend some time alone with nature as they are clean energy.

since your always around people your energy gets affected. You had time to spend with your own energy when you had independence at that place. It’s all you and not one around to affect you. Just spend more time alone so you know about your own energy. Some people easily pick up other’s energy without knowing. They can be sensitive people. You just gotta learn to not get affected by other’s energy and you’ll be more in tune with yourself.

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