3 Pictures I Took

2 days ago after blaspheming the christian god i was taking pictures and i accidentally took a picture of my spirit in mist form,and the other one has the image of a horned goat a little above my head and to the left.I can at least see 3 women in the pic as well but unfortunately i keep getting your files are too large message.If anyone wants to see em let me know and i’ll see what i can do.

I’d like to see them please? Always fascinated by things like this, my parents had a book with some supposed ghost & demon photos and it fascinated me. http://postimage.org/ allows you to resize images, and probably other hosting sites do as well.

I think i uploaded one at (link edited) unfortunately the last 2 would be resized way to small.To better seem them you’d have to view them at their original 1600x1200 size.I’d be more than happy to send them in their original state from my e-mail though.

All I see are sausage and oysters.

That’s weird because I just clicked on the the link and it took me directly to the image of the mist.

Same, the link seems to work fine?

I saw the mist photo but at the top were a lot of what could politely be called “not safe for work” images… :slight_smile:

Ummm what? The only thing i could see was the face of woman but that’s torward the middle of it though and besides i’m not working with any particular spirit at the moment so that comes as a bit of a surprise to me.
Anyways i thought i’d take a chance to upload the the 1 one with the horned goat and 3 women so here it is
(link edited)
If the image isn’t too distorted for ya’ll i’ll upload the other one tomorrow.

Both of those links lead to a very “adult” site. I’d be a bit worried about someone’s computer picking up a virus or something. I could be wrong, but just putting that out there just in case.

Oh, I also saw no sign of the pics the OP posted either.

… interested, but don’t want to catch an std.

yeah- porn site for me too

Ahh damn it i knew it was an adult site but only after i posted my first pic.The only thing i didn’t know was the possibility of getting a virus. My apologies.I’ll try to upload them on a more unadult site like photobucket.Again my apologies.

Ok here’s the first one


And here’s the second one

I am sorry but not all of us like watching porn. I was brutally shaken at being sent to a porn site.
I would be polite of you to tell people clearly that you are sending them to view smut!
I am not homophobic, but I don’t want to see woman fingering each other. And as a heterosexual, I’d rather do something in the privacy of my own bedroom. In the same way I’d never dream of posting it online for others to ogle, i object to people forcing me to see disgusting scenes that do not interest me and deeply offend me.
You’ve made me very angry and spoilt my day.

Ok point taken but i’ve already taken care of it by uploading them on an unadult site that is more viewer friendly and i’m SORRY.There is no need to get snappy with me.They were supposed to take you directly to the links of the pics.That was my FIRST time ever for me providing links that were SUPPOSED to take you directly to the pics and away from the more adult oriented stuff.I wasn’t thinking about the site not taking you directly to my pics and when that little oversight was brought to my attention i took care of it as evidenced by my last 2 posts.So i didn’t FORCE you to see anything adult in nature nor was it my intention to.You could have clicked on the tinypic.com links i provided which is more viewer friendly but you CHOSE to click on a link you were previously warned about.So your mental anguish is of your own doing not mine.So i say again no NEED TO GET SNAPPY WITH ME.

Okay seems like a bit of confusion - Milla, fc2014, I’ve edited out the links in this thread to the site which had adult content in the ad banners (this stuff is blocked by different devices, browsers, and security settings, so not everyone would be able to see it or even know it was there) - hopefully that will prevent anyone else having a mishap.

I read your post and was truly interested in seeing the pictures you took. So seeing anything else was not what I expected. Blaspheming gods you don’t like is a choice you’re free to make, I know I have done things with the Koran, and I simply hate the Muslim god.
So what i expected to see was the result of what you photographed after insulting the Christian god. Porn however was not what i wanted to see when I clicked that link. Yes you did not give that one, but it was given amongst those who commented on your post. My anger was not directed to you in particular. but to the fact that I saw something that I’d never want to see by myself, as a choice. If this helps. Sorry if my outburst upset you too. I read your post to begin with, didn’t I?

Ya it did upset me a little and i really am sorry that you saw what you did.You were right about me at least giving a warning about the links leading to an adult site,and i should have by the time i found out about the contents of it.Ignorance on my part about how some may or may not feel about being lead to an adult site was and is not an excuse.A lesson learned on my part.Now that this misunderstanding is cleared up hopefully all is forgiven and forgotten because i’d rather have friends and if not friends at least aquantinces that get along instead of bickering at the turn of every corner.After all we did join this site to learn did we not?And there’s no need to apolgize to me i chose to let my anger dictate my actions and that is my fault not yours.Hopefully you didn’t let this misunderstanding get in the way of viewing the pics provided on the tinypic.com links

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The last I heard, the standing policy is that this is an 18-only forum. Images and language that “decent” people would label “offensive” or “pornographic,” DO appear here from time to time. Unless Timothy suddenly goes gay for Jesus, that’s not likely to change.

I don’t really see anything in those photos either.