3 More One Card Invisible Tarot Readings

OK this is it folks.
3 more and if they go well I’m going to consider charging.

I’ll be doing phone sessions.
$15 for a half hour and $25 for an hour.

First 3 to sign up gets a reading.

As always please leave honest feedback on this thread.

Okay, this time i’m actually going to take my spot.

1st reserved.

Btw, do you consider doing those sessions in Skype too?

I would if I had a laptop.
It was stolen during the robbery while I was in jail a couple months ago.
As soon as I can afford a new laptop I will be offering them in Skype.

Before I start doing paid readings I have to figure out how to receive money on my PayPal account.

I’ve only used it for paying other people.

A forum member sent me some cash lastonth through PayPal but I still can’t access it.
So once I work out the kinks (ie my internet incompitance) I’ll start doing paid sessions.

I’d be up for a reading, Musta. I am very curious about the invisible tarot and what kind of insight it offers compared to a regular deck.

DarkestKnight,Black flame,and Diazin are in!
(Diazin PMed me his question before signing up so I told him to sign up here so no one felt jipped).

M me your questions with detail so I havw more to go off of being the nature of this reading.

Thanks guys!

Im in xD

I want to thank musta for he’s reading, it was interesting and at least rised up more questions in my mind which i probably shall look up for some insight to… i bet this english was fucked up here… But the main point it _ Thank musta for free special type of reading_ everyone support musta by offering him a beer when encountered on the streets.

Haha YES! Everyone send Musta Krackish the Mighty Lake Troll digital internet beers!


Hahaha Musta, cool reading indeed, buddy! This thing of invisible deck is really awesome. Your reading once more clarified things for me and saved myself of trouble again, thanks Musta, you rock!

hands the Mighty Musta an internet beer, and slowly backs away

Thanks for the reading, my friend. It helped change my view of my possible future, and let me take a step back and decide on a plan.

Much appreciated, brother.

Thank you Diazin!

Which each one of these readings it’s becoming easier and easier to let go of a physical deck.

I doubt I will be getting rid of my tarot decks anytime soon because I’m not that advanced yet and second…well the cards are just fun!


I’m glad I could help DK! And thanks for the beer! I’m drinking it as we speak!

Seriously brother,
Believe in yourself and all will turn out well.
Please keep me posted on your situation and let me know if I can help.And I will if I have the means.

Good luck!