3 knocks

Yesterday my boyfriend and i laid down for a nap. When in half sleep I heard 3 knocks, 3 times on a hollow wooden door. Our house contains no door that would make the sound i heard. When asked, later that night, my boyfriend said that he heard it too. Previous people (only males) who have been friends with me will often hear 3 taps 3 times from outside their windows. Like each individual window and door.

Anybody know what that is?


Squirrels. Most definitely.

I don’t know, but as a kid I used to play a game with the house. I would lay in bed and ask questions. The house would respond with knocks. I would say, knock 3 times for yes, once for no sort of deal. Had a blast. It was awesome, because it worked.

Maybe just vocalize out: “Do you need to tell us something? knock three times for yes, once for no.”

… then follow your gut.


:zipper_mouth_face: Uh-uh. No way. Whatever answers this house has. I don’t want 'em. The basement alone feels like there’s a horrible spirit of a zombified kind of monster down there just watching me. All wet and horrifying. So nope. Theres also a spirit that smells of dead mice. A cat that skulks around when the live cats are away. A girl in white. Something scary as all heck out in the barn that feels like a body hanging from the rafters. Whatever secrets this house has, I’m good.


If you are scared, then it has you beat, if indeed it is trying to scare you.

I get scared too.

The foulness and scary shit may be something trying to communicate with you. You did open Pandora’s box with this occult shit didn’t you? Hahaha. Maybe your presence activates it because you are a doorway.

I won’t give you a sermon here or pretend I know what your situation is, but …

You chose this path. This may be an opportunity to open a dialog with, or banish these entities under the watchful eye of your patron / favorite spirit.

Cast your circle, your protections, bring your protector spirit close to you and face your fear, Sorceress.


Oh no. Its been like this for the past… erm… 80 years i think. Boyfriend’s great grandpa owned it. So maybe longer. House is so old the basement rafters are giant stained tree logs. And in order to bring the plumbing/electric/heating up to date the whole house would have to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch. They dont seem to want help either. The girl is the guardian here. And she just likes to hang out at night. Oh. My boyfriend also swears he saw a wendigo outside one night. And when im out there ive sensed one trying to get up on me before. So yeah. I think this whole place is in need of an emergency clense by a whole group.

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Maybe the girl would make the best first evocation? Perhaps she can help you with the others.

… or just play the knock knock game.

The place and land sounds positively creeptastic. With all those years gone by, it probably has seen its share of abuse, alcoholic rages, and nasty shit.

Cleanse well. Cleanse often. Clearly preferably during daytime. Hehe.


Your basically describing my house… the things in it seemed real bad… and some were old like in your description… literally i couldnt decorate over the old paint or move stuff with out shit kicking off.

I had a good tidy used bells in every corner & cupboard & fresh plants. Cleared them all out. Those things try and seem alot meaner than they are!

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Lay down in bed or sit in a chair comfortably. Close your eyes, relax your body. Then say this out loud or in your mind :

“Whoever knocks on that door 3 times, show yourself to me” 3 times.
Then repeat : “Show yourself” with your eyes closed.

Focus on the darkness that you see, after a while, you should receive a vision/flash, an image of the one who knocks on the door.

If you don’t see anything the first time, repeat it another time. You will see it.