3 Free Tarot Readings

I’m offering currently 3 Free Tarot readings with Asenath Mason’s new tarot deck. I need to work on my divination a bit. First come, first serve. Ask your question on here or DM me and let me know if you want your answer on this topic or returned DM. I’ll be doing them in the Leviathan Spread.


I’d like one

Cool can I get 1!

Hi !
I’d like one please :slight_smile:
I’ll DM :slight_smile:

What’s your question?

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Mm…How well I advance in my magical journey?

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I’ll get to it ASAP!

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I would like one as well. The question is; I’ve just started the journey of learning the LHP, how far will I get there?

Thanks in advance :blush:

Hey full house already?
I’ll pm if not


I’ve already got three but might expand later afterwards. Thank you all so far though for asking.

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You want it on here or DM?

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Can i get one please??


Here what?

I have send you a DM. Thank you :slight_smile:

Oh it was to the one asking for a reading lol sorry. A lot of people don’t read the comments and ask for readings even after the OP states they are done and such. It’s usually people that lurk and come out the woodwork when readings are offered.

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I told him if i could get one because he said "but might expand later afterwards. "

Oh Please,I’d really love to assist in your Divination Practices as well as Curiosity…I didn’t get to Tarot as a divination technique as of currently I am working on Scrying as my Divination.

@RyuDarkness me me Pick me :raising_hand_woman:t5: May I pleease have a reading?