3 Free Readings

Im doing a lil experiment, and in order to gather data Ill be offering 3 free readings here, 3 in wizard forums and 3 in studio arcanis. First come, first served.

Please dont be an ass to ask for one here and other there. I need people that genuinely belong to those communities, so I can gather the data I want.

Thank you for your attention!

Ave Diazin,

I would like one.

Out of curiousity, what is the Experiment?

I cant tell about the experiment rigth now, but it doesnt involve or influence in any way those I read for.

As for the questions, pm me :smiley:

I would be down for a reading, my friend.

Pm me man!

If there is one more place available I subscribe too!
Thank you!

There are still two spots open as just Biosynth has pm’ed me

Pm sent :slight_smile:

One spot left

Just sent the PM , thank you!

All spots have been taken. Thanks everyone for the chance to serve ya

Not bad for a general Analysis reading. Made some important points though that I should learn to loosen up and being such a control freak (my words of course) which is true I tend to be like that. Overall a good general reading as an acknowledgement of circumstances considering it can sometimes be hard to read me as I go into certain control freak modes =)

Could you point any innacuracies in that reading? Im very interested in those. You can pm me if you want.

No inaccuracies. It was mostly General. If you did a reading with more details I could pinpoint inaccuracies, but it was generally good. Sort of like a good general personality reading. But you did good pinpointing a few personal details I could say.

Sounds pretty well !Can,t wait to receive my divination as well!

I see, thanks then!

Yours will take a bit longer cristinica as you’re the last one in balg’s list. I planned to do some more tonight but my 3rd eye hurts. I might try it anyway but not sure :confused:

Thanks, no problem!

Diazin I decided to do an edit as there was one thing I did overlook that you in fact did wrong as a form of constructive criticism andnof course not your fault since theres alot of spiritual activity around me which creates alot of noise.

  1. It isnt just a Mental thing. In fact have been experiencing alot of emotion and instinct. This is a common misinterpretation, becausr my energy shifts alot between both Light and Dark emergies depending on what I am doing at the moment. I experience alot of higher than mental energies as well. But lately I have just simply settled down.

  2. Instinct - maybe you misinterpreted it. The new thing is that Instinct from what you might’ve perceivrd are operating at much greater energy levels than before in a completely different way that isnt just operating simply from Intent but is much more integrated and natural…thus you probably interpreted it as Instinct.

Other than that that is all its just a minor misinterpretation.