3 free readings, gifts from Prince Orobas

I’ll be using the occult tarot

You have three choices.

You can ask for a 4-6 week forecast of your future ( 10 card)

You can ask up to three yes/no questions. I will use yes/no coin to confirm what the tarot is saying.

Or you can ask for specific insight for a specific question or matter. ( One to three cards my discretion)

First three served!


I’d love a reading

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Ok @Jetsetrose you’ll be first

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Cheers to that!!! Should I PM you my question?

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I pmed you @Jetsetrose

May I have a reading from the mighty prince?

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Yes sir, you are second I’ll pm you in five or ten minutes

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I’ll take one if you have room.

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Yes I certainly do. You’ll be third I’ll be with you in ten or fifteen minutes.

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That’s it for today my friends.

@DarkestKnight or @Mulberry please close the thread, thank you.