3 Free Love Spells

In my personal life, I’ve had good results with love spells. Now I want to know how good I really am at this. I want to offer 3 free love spells. But there are some rules.

  1. The person cannot be married or in a relationship.

If a person is in a relationship already and they are happy, they will fight the spell. It will take a lot of work from the magician’s part to make the person you desire want you enough to dump their partner. And that could take a long time. So I will only be accepting spells for single people.

  1. You see the person you desire regularly.

A co-worker, a neigboor, etc. My experience with love magick is that it doesn’t work very well or at all if you don’t see the person on a regular basis. Unless you have a great link, like a piece of hair, or anything else that belongs to the person. In my experience a picture is not good enough a link if you don’t see the person on a regular basis.

  1. You are confortable with providing me your picture and the picture of the person you want to seduce.
    Last names are optional. You can provide me your picture, the picture of your target, your first name and the first name of the target if you’re uncomfortable with full names. Ideally though, I will need pictures of both of you and full names. No dates of birth or any other info necessary.

  2. And most importantly, you are willing to give me feedback as a payment. Let me know how it went. The reason I’m doing this is to know how good I am at love magick. So this last point is very important for me.

Thank you.


Two spells left.

Ok i take 1 spot. If possibly

No problem. If you meet the requirements, send me a pm with the details.

Hi! What if person is in a relationship but feels trapped/stuck and is unhappy?

Ideally for this expirement, I’m seeking single people. It will be easier for the spell to work. If the person still has feelings of love or atachment for somebody else, they will fight the spell.

Hi. The person is in a unhappy relationship. Is that ok. Can i text you on whatsapp messinger pls. Its more secure for me. Pls advise.

do you do money spells? i dont particularly like love spells

I’ll only perform the spell for single people at this time.

Oh ok. She used to tease me and i can see in her there is a want from me.

I have send you a pm

Can i take one

Hello chrisshadows I am really interested in this spell and would like to participate if you would like to offer me one of the 3 spells! I am single but not seeing someone so maybe that is a challenge more for you to test it to someone who isnt seeing somebody

Can I get one please??

I really lost all motivation to do these spells. Most people apparently didn’t even read the thread. I can only make this work if you see the person regularly and if the person is single. But people apparently don’t understand that. Thank you for your interest anyway.

Is this still available

love spells are not free. you might end up with a stalker narcissistic lover. lol. it would get you more trouble than you want. that’s the risk of having a lover. haha. We never know if the person is good til after the fact of interacting with them.

Request to close thread.

@Lady_Eva ?

Whelp, I’ll just step in here and hijack your good faith and bad luck with communication.

I know what that feels like, and I would like to cast another love spell on a target with whom I have experienced similar difficulties.

Good love is founded in good communication. That very much includes sexuality and any sort of naughty left-handed fuckery that consenting adults might engage in. Magic cannot replace the ingredients of love.

I bet you’re pretty good at love magic @ChrisShadows. Your ethical approach shows that you take these things seriously. Keep it up :kiss:

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