3 Free Invisible Tarot Readings!

So anyone who has seen the divination course probably knows what I’m talking about.

I’m offering 3 free readings where I won’t be using a deck.
Well I’ll be using an imaginary one.

I’ve never tried this before so I will just draw one “card” on your question so don’t make them super complicated for now.

First 3 to ask for a reading gets one and I’ll get straight to it!


Edit:Please keep in mind that I haven’t attempted this before so I don’t know what’s going to happen but all I ask in return is your feedback on this very post.

Sweet. Im finally not last hahah. I would love one!

Whow, i would have had a spot… But i’m going to be nice or something, and not to take it - nice that people are trying new stuff, and giving free readings.

edit: it seems like i was just being a dick, by commenting how nice i am not taking a spot LOL !

Black flame and Sinister shadow are in.
One more spot open.

Blackfle and SS send your questions if you haven’t already.
When I get the 3rd participant I’ll start the readings.

Already sent mine in. did you get it?

I said that im not taking my spot, but that its nice you are doing this XD

I’m gonna give someone else a change, unless there is not going to be more people soon.

Im game

im in Musta

Icarus and Angel Caido send me your questions

And yes Sinister I got your question.
I’m going to wait for the other 2 that way I can do them in one sitting.

Awesome, man! I haven’t tried the invisible tarot yet. Still trying to figure out the physical one! LOL

I want to thank musta for his reading, It’s given me some valuable insight into how to utilize some new information.

Thank you very much Musta your reading helped me to clarify even more a situation im going through. I highly recommend your services and wish you victory and power in all you do.

Thank you Musta Your reading has opened my eyes to further possibilities in my ritual work.

I’m glad the reading helped Sinister!

Icarus and Angel you’re readings have been sent as well so check you PM’s.

I was surprised at how accurate the impressions of the cards I received were.

I did a couple of invocations first requesting all the knowledge of the universe and as soon as I slapped my band on the table I would get an impression of which card came up and would say it out loud.

A couple of times I’ve had to check the booklet that came with the cards but sure enough the card fit the question.

I would then go from there meditating on the invisible card until I received my gnosis regarding the question.

So it can be done folks!
Just trust your instincts and quiet your mind to receive the answers.

I didn’t notice the replies from Icarus and Angel and just wanted to say thank you for the kind words.

And also thank you all for allowing me to read for you in this manner.It has opened my eyes to what power I’m really developing here.

I’ve been pondering on putting up flyers around town offering readings for a pretty low price and see if anything comes from it.Maybe $10 for a half hour session and $15 if you buy an hour session.

I don’t want to offer paid readings on here because we already have the great Wondering Fool for that and I’m no where near his caliber yet.I bought a half hour phone session from him last night and everything about his skill is amazing.The speed he’s able to lay out the spreads is mind blowing and his knowledge of the cards is absolutely untouchable from any other reader I’ve had read for me.

So I won’t be attempting to step on his toes because I have too much respect for him and well let’s face it…I wouldn’t stand a chance in a reading competition with him lol.

But again thank you all and I plan on going through with my exploration of the tarot cards individually and will post my findings.
I don’t have the time to do a card everyday so it will be a long process.

But thanks again to Sinister,Icarus,and Angel!

Good luck with all your situations!
I’ll be offering more readings soon as I just came up with a new spread a few minutes ago that I call “The Battle Plan Spread”.

I’ll male a post here in a minute explaining it do you guys can try it and see what you think!

The reading I did for myself was surprisingly accurate for a spread I developed in less than a minute lol.


intuitive readings are boss. keep working at it - you’ll get the hang of it sooner than you think