3 Free Astrology Readings [CLOSED] + Experience with Michael

3 Free astrology readings, putting new skills to use. Not a profession, don’t take my readings as destiny. Feedback is always appreciated. If you have experience, please do offer advice. :grin:


  • I will PM the responders.
  • I will ask for natal chart data (birth date, official location, and official birth time)
  • A response will take between a day or two.

*** No personal relationship advice. I’m not a licensed counselor, yada yada!
Surface relations are fine. (friends, colleagues, etc) Just provide their full birth chart info.

Also, a shout out to Archangel Michael. I called for his aid because recently I kept hearing astral voices. My impulsive thoughts were erratic to the point where I couldn’t focus in the quiet. Didn’t do much at all. A 10-12 min. sigil skrying session and I walked around my morning household with a heavy buzzing pressure radiating from my head. Every time I felt uneasy, the activity quickly dissipated to silence. I actually did hear a couple frightened voices upon arrival. :laughing:

So yeah, stop associating Michael & friends with bullshit – Alliances, rivalries, hierarchies, pagan masks, prejudices, fighting for control, all a buncha poppycock. Left-handers get so anal about that shit. They want to help you, not exploit you for energy. So smile for them. :grin:


could I have one please ? :slight_smile:

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can i get one? thanks in advanced

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Ooh I’m interested!

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Nice that Archangel Michael helped you :slight_smile: yes all entities (the pesky parasitic ones i mean) are frightened of him

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I just noticed the bit about Michael…he is awesome!

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hmmm…was it you who i gave a reading some time back and picked up an entity?

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i think so, but its good to hear Michael helped!

I’m up for a reading if it’s still open. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: