3 Free Astrological Readings (Experimental) (CLOSED)

I have been taking up astrology as a divination system but still want to perfect the fundamentals before I actively use it as a tool. So I have decided on taking a few basic readings from others utilizing the fundamentals I have learned. I’m aware many occultists here have at least a basic understanding of astrology so please take my advice with a clump of salt. :grin: Also please do let me know your thoughts and criticisms on accuracy or how comfortable you are with my answers.

*The thread will be reopened at a later date for more readings.


  • I will PM the responders. Have an accurate picture of your natal chart: birth date, most precise location and time of birth. This along with your question. Obscure the personal details if preferred. A chart by Astro.com will work.

  • No questions regarding relationships. (people or spirits) I’d rather not muck up the reading with foggy divination or requiring multiple charts. If your question concerns which spirit to use for a situation, or whether they would work well with you, that’s fine. Spirits often possess astrological aspects that are not mentioned in grimoires.

*I will be writing longer responses so expect successive readings to take roughly a day each.


ill take one. :smiley:
PM me.

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Me please

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Would love one

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