3 Free Astrological Readings #4

I’m doing 3 more experimental natal chart readings. I am putting my recently learned fundamentals in Astrology to use. I don’t have much experience so please take my readings with a grain of Salt. Feedback on accuracy is always appreciated. If you have experience, please do offer advice. I’d be happy to hear it. :grin:


  • I will PM the responders.
  • I will ask for a natal chart picture. (generated with birth date, official location, and official birth time)
  • A response will take between a day or two.

*** I am not a licensed counselor! Contact one if you got some real shit going down! You know who you are. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Surface relations are fine, though. (Friends, colleagues, etc.) Just provide their full, accurate birth chart.


Hello! I would love one if possible. Should I send my birth info or a photo of the chart?

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Me please

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I am interested. What would you be able to see? :slight_smile:

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I am interested please and thank you

I want one please

I want one please. Thank you for offering.