3 Free Astrological Readings #11

3 free chart readings, a continued work in progress. Been seeing progress with the new techniques I’ve been learning. Replies and reviews on reports are always appreciated. :grin:


  • I will PM the responders asking for birth chart info. (Birth Date, time, and town)
  • Provide as full a description of your situation as possible; details and intentions help.
  • A response will take a day or two. (roughly) The reports can get long.

*** No personal relationship advice. Too many factors involved for what I’m doing here.
Surface relations are fine. (friends, colleagues, etc) Just provide their full birth chart info.



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I will have one thnx

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Hi! Is there still a spot left? :smile:

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Hi can I have one please?

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Hey I don’t know if you’re still doing them but I’d love one if you are. Thank you