3 everyday tarot 3 card readings no DM please (3/3)

It has been ages since I have done a free reading post so I decided to offer one up here to the first three people to comment (I might decide to do more after).


First come first served
No DMs will be answered
I have a life and might take a day or two to get to them all.


May I please have a reading? I’m curious if there’s any career progress in my future.

Thank you!


May I have a reading on the state of my life as it is right now pls? Thank you


That’s two so far.

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I’ll take a slot.

Can you give me a general look at what the year holds in store for me?


And that’s 3. I will be pulling the cards and posting the readings over the next few days.


@Brand_New would you like a reading as well? I will be posting the first three tomorrow and can pull more cards then.

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I’d love one :ok_hand:

Hello, I would love one one on what career path should I follow?

Consider me inn. Just wanted a general reading. Thanks in advance

Okay it’s closed again for now I had something come up yesterday (spent all day at the shop with the car). So the first three will go up tonight. The rest will be at my leisure. As I have to work until Sunday. So I am not sure when these will be pulled and posted.

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I do whenever you can. I know you are busy.

The answer to you question is: three of wands, two of cups reversed and ten of pentacles

Three of wands

Get out of your comfort zone and explore new opportunities for growth and development cover new ground and expand your horizons.

(Look outside of what you “normally” do for a new career path).

Two of cups reversed

You may be out of sync with a loved one or close red, and need to reestablish a common ground for the relationship to continue harmoniously. You may be projecting personal issues onto the person without realizing it.

(This person may be the key to the new path/ career).

Ten of Pentacles

You have accumulated wealth and abundance to your hard work and dedication. It brings you deep joy and satisfaction to share this wolf with your loved ones. You expressed gratitude for filling your material goals and dreams.

(This new path will be your path to fulliment and all your desires coming true).

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The answer to your question is none of cups reversed, king of cups, five of pentacles.

Nine of cups reversed

Rather than looking outside for your happiness, look within. What does success look like to you? How do you defined it? If your outside world is not bringing contentment, change your definition of success.

(This is a time to make sure you are not being to hard on yourself and are setting attainable goals for yourself. Small successful steps.)

King of cups

You are in control of your emotions, and have the maturity to feel your feelings, without allowing them to get the better of you. You bounce the head and the heart perfectly, and or the master of your inner and outer words.

(If this is something you have not master yet you will soon. Remember you have control over yourself and the outcome).

Five of pentacles

You’re experiencing financial loss, property, feeling isolated, and alone. Help is nearby, but you are too focused on your financial problems to notice. Do you need maybe sabotaging your ability to create abundance by focusing only on what your lack

(You have the tools and power at your fingertips it might not just be at the mundane but also the spiritual level).

Here is your cards the hierophant, five of pentacles reversed, justice reversed.

The hierophant

You are working with a teacher, mentor, or guiding authority. You will expand your knowledge and learn fundamental principles with a trusted source.

Five of pentacles

Difficult times are coming to an end, particularly if you have recently suffered a major, financial or job loss. You may find a new source of income, a new job, or someone will offer to help you out.

Justice reversed

Your idea of the truth is distorted. Look at each situation from multiple angles, to uncover the real truth. Forgive yourself for any misguided decisions you have made.

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Could I have a reading into the gnosis I got about myself being the only one who exists? I want to confirm my suspicions.

Thank you!

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You are so welcome!

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Thank you very much it was truly insightful

Could i have a love reading regarding me and this person, will we not marry, does he feel very strongly for me or less than me?