3 dimensional sigils

Does anyone here use sigils that have three dimensions? I feel like a dummy for asking, but all I ever see are two dimensional drawings and things


A lot of the 2D symbols can become 3D energy constructs, like the circles can become spheres, triangles can become pyramids, spirals can become vortexes.

It’s something I’ve learned from the spirits I’ve worked with.

I remember creating a healing talisman with Raphael one time. He had me charge the talisman within a hexagram. At the end of the time period, in my mind’s eye I saw him lift the hexagram up off the paper and turn it into a 3D energy construct that surrounded the talisman and revolved around it.

I was shown a 3D energy construct a while back that I had a hell of a time turning into a 2D sigil.

I finally had to go into a trance state to get it right.

A couple of days later I was blown away by how closely it resembled the Qabbalistic Tree of Life. I certainly didn’t create that consciously or even recognize it’s shape until later.