3 Curses Backfired :(

Hello I did 3 curses I put alot of my energy into them they all backfired and I ended up cursing myself Called multiple entities to fix this I think its okay now.

Koetting tells us to rellease all our anger and energy I did that but it came on me another magitian I found out tells not to put any emotion into a curse in order not to backfire, also

I think the badghida tells us to not put emotion so who is Right and who is Wrong

I am certain they backfired! Did multiple curses whit my energy also I think the efect was bigger on me I live in a very bad country with crocked people!


You need to spiritually cleanse after cursing or you will end up with some part of the negative energy attached to you.
At least, it is what I learned


well the second one lifted after I gave the entities offerings

Could your target be protected? Maybe he is reflecting your curses.


one had an upsidedown petagram did it reppel it I also have one

I also constanty atach negative entities to me is it my surounding or I live in europe

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Again, download Robert Bruce’s program. He’s very detailed about negative entities and how to remove them. Running water seems to be very effective. So when you’re heavily under stress, go into the shower. You’ll instantly feel much better and your mind will be clearing.


I feel nothing … I think you are just a bit afraid cause you did not study enough before practicing.

A pentagram is not always a talisman. Some people use it only as a jewelry. And a talisman is not always a jewelry. Some people don’t need a talisman.

Before practicing is the best way to learn how to protect yourself …


yepp, strong protection does that


I’ve never done curses but I remember once koeitting said in an interview “if you creat a monster in this world , remember you have to live in the same world too”


There can be a curse, an entity, negativity from others or negative family karma. Usually, people know when something is wrong with their lives. A strong curse will not allow a practitioner to be found. Attached entities are very common with people and feel like a curse.

You could have some heavy Saturn or Pluto transits in your astrological chart now- this feels like a curse. Or Sade Sati - which tends to attract people cursing you.

I know I was running around with some heavy love spell 2013 of a person whom I rejected.
I disliked this person, but suddenly became obsessed and whenever I wanted to get away, I attracted bad luck so I ended up back with him. I did 10 ritual baths and got away, but everyone dismissed my ideas of a curse and laughed.
Often only the person can feel it, and if the person doesn’t know what to do, others might come and take advantage of him by charging crazy amounts of money and doing nothing.

So if you feel you are cursed, take the baths and summon a spirit for protection with offerings. Do this regularly so you feel safe and protected.


Well I am adopted my family is disfunctional people cursed them I do not know if it effects me, after my last curse which I did on a police officer I got a bad feeling in my stomach I knew something was wrong this went on for 2 weeks I gave offerings and it lifted immediatly. Thank you for your information!

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good luck and others here mentioned books for positive thinking like “the power of your subconscious mind” by Joseph Murphy. Incredible book.
It’s important that you also work on being and staying very positive and fearless because fear weakens your aura and the negative thoughts and jealousy from others can get to you.
If you’re mentally strong, things cannot affect you that easily. So work on becoming a very positive person as well. This is the best protection.


I personally don’t curse. I just drain their life force energies and send in dark entities to finish off what’s left.

I am currently on new ways to slowly finish off a person. I enjoy knowing they will have love along time in pain.


When it comes to baneful magick, NEVER go up against other magickal practitioners unless you really know what you’re doing. This is precisely why black mages specializing in baneful magick should start with targeting normies that you can keep track of to check your progress.


This is not the only thing that backfired for you, you also posted about money magick backfire as well. In this case I would really consider the source material of your work and how you’re following the instructions. Because as far as I see it, the rituals are poorly designed or you’re doing something very wrong.

Magick can be done in many different ways. Using emotions is just one way to do it. If you decide to use emotions then you should understand exactly how they’re used in magick or you’ll bring negative outcome. Some people naturally can’t control their emotions well, then this type of magick wouldn’t be the best for them. Visualization can be used in magick, some people can’t visualize good enough, then no need to use it. etc Use what works best for you, and you’ll know that from practice, you won’t read it in a book.

From my understanding and as you mentioned, you’re a beginner, still learning about magick. Cursing and finance is not a wise place to start with magick. Because if something goes wrong then you’ll need a lot to fix it and sometimes it can’t easily be fixed.

My suggestion is that you stop. Take a break and learn, read, and study magick very well. Then practice with targets and goals you don’t care much about. And take it one step at a time. No need to jump from learning the basics to cursing someone to death! Not a good idea.


You have to put on protections before you go cursing.

Cursing opens you up to spiritual energies. This type of magick work is full-contact. Like any full-contact sport, you want to have protective gear on so you don’t get messed up when other beings hit back. Which they will, depending on who you curse - or who’s observing and chooses to jump in on the action.

Understand that many people ALREADY have spirits possessing them - the average person is already possessed by at least one of the 7 Deadly Sins, and the spirits that rule them.

This effectively makes them experienced magicians, even though they don’t have the experience - the spirit has experience in using them.

So cursing someone who indulges in their vices becomes a mini tug-of-war, you vs the spirit within them.

Put wards and protections around yourself before you go cursing.

Do cleansing baths and use spiritual hygiene before summoning and sending curse agents. Otherwise, they cling onto you.

Realize that curses are most effectively sent using necromancy and elementaries, larvae which cling to human life. This is dangerous work and shouldn’t be done by novices.

Crawl before you walk when you do this stuff. It’s easy to fuck yourself up unawares due to lack of knowledge.