3 consecutive dreams of Iblis in one night?

Could I please have your take on what these dreams mean? Why??I had absolutely no prior knowledge on Iblis (in fact I thought it was the bird–ibis)

In the first dream I was glowing and someone passed by me and said they confused me for Iblis. But they were relieved when they realized I wasn’t

In the second I was sledding down a rollercoaster track and there were huge neon slugs on it. I was told not to touch them by a disembodied voice cuz they were “Iblis”.

In the third, Iblis was referred to as wise when a stranger talked to him about me.

And me having no knowledge on Iblis was surprised to find out via Google that it might be another name for Azazel and that Iblis is a fallen angel/demon because he did not want to now down to man or something.
Why did I have these dreams? Thank you for your time!:heartpulse: