2nd try at sigil at evoking Sitri

Okay so this time things were different. This time i used candles ( specifically red, i read somewhere that red candles are Sitri’s preferences) lit some incense and draw the sigil on paper, i began to try and relax though i found it hard to keep my eyes closed and meditate, but eventually i relaxed as I tried my best to picture what it is I wanted from Sitri, when i gazed at my sigil i noticed the natural lighting in the room i was in flickering from bright to darker, and a purple circle, circling around the drawn sigil, i began to chant Sitri’s enn ( hopefully i didn’t fuck it up to bad) and called out to Sitri, i continued forward and forward, then I proceeded to ask for the task, i wanted to put a blood offering ( but im too much of a lil bitch to cut myself) and i had a glass of lemonade, I guess Sitri doesn’t like lemonade as I also this as an offer, and i asked for a task and i dismissed him, or least i hope he was present in order for me to do so. I didn’t feel him, but thats normal for new guys like me right? Can anyone do a divination for me and ask him if he heard me?


It is, just persevere, and have faith in your right to do this and be heard by spirits.


I think it would be decidedly unhelpful to note the fact that even when I was a brand new practitioner I could feel the presences of spirits. I’m an intuitive though so I’m kinda playing in bullshit mode.

But as for most people, you didn’t do bad. You just gotta work on your astral senses. Get good at meditation too while you are at it.


I didn’t hear nor sense Sitri’s presence. But I somehow felt that Sitri heard my request. So I ended the ritual, forgot about it and went to bed. The next day I already saw result because I trusted that Sitri would deliver.


So all I have to do is wait and trust?

The magic of release. Trust in both your power and the power of the entity you tasked.

Ever noticed how a game back in the 90s took forever to install while you where focused on the screen? But if you got out to the kitchen to make some food, the download seems to have been going faster?